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Why Come To Thailand To Do A Fitness Bootcamp?

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp?

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp?

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp?So, you’ve made up your mind that a fitness bootcamp is a great way to kick start your new exercise regime. Good choice. This fast track way to lose weight and feel better is becoming more popular by the day. Now all you’ve got to do is decide where you’re going to do the bootcamp. Here’s several reasons why you should come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp.

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The weather is just perfect

While Thailand’s islands and capital can be sizzling, the northern city of Chiang Mai has a milder temperature, ideal if you are planning some heavy work outs. In fact, the evenings can get a little chilly, not that you’ll feel it when you’re training hard. If you come in the right season, the skies will be clear and bright and there’s little chance to rain. While everyone back home is struggling at their muddy, cold and wet bootcamps, you’ll be basking in wonderful climes.

Combine a vacation with your bootcamp

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp?Who says a vacation bootcamp can’t be fun? When you come to Thailand, you daily exercises will be combined with visits to the fascinating historical attractions. Inside of running around the muddy park back home, you could be looking up at a beautiful temple as you jog or cycling past spectacular paddy fields.

The food is healthy and lip-smackingly good

Lover of Thai food? You’ve just come to the heart of it. Most people don’t know that Northern Thai cuisine is quite different from the rest of the country and doesn’t feature much on Thai restaurant menus back home. Just because you’re joining a bootcamp, doesn’t mean you have to stave yourself. In fact, you’ll need a larger calorie intake and with such tasty food from spicy curries to nam prik dips, you’ve come to the right place to gorge.

Make friends from around the world

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp?Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp? You never know where your new fellow fitness friends will be coming from, but you can be sure that when you join a bootcamp, you’ll build a bond with whoever you’re training with while you work together on your weight loss. There’s a community spirit where everyone encourages each other to push harder and reach their goals.

It’s probably better value than a bootcamp back home

Thailand’s poses phenomenal value and with such good prices, it might very well be cheaper than a bootcamp back home. Ok, so you’ve got to buy flights, but you’ll being having a vacation too and the camps include accommodation, transport, food, drinks and your coaches, so there’s very little else you need while you’re there.

Immerse yourself in Thai culture

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp?Other than the historical attractions and sites you’ll see, you can immerse yourself in Thailand’s culture. The people are some of the friendliest and most welcoming on earth. Well, they don’t call it the Land of Smiles for nothing! Talk with locals, pick up a little Thai lingo and discover why this is one of the most visited countries on earth.

You were probably thinking, why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp? Well, we hope we’ve given you all the reasons you need to jet off and begin your fitness regime in this exotic Asian country. Thailand Fitness Bootcamp are based in the northern city of Chiang Mai and have a range of packages for all fitness levels. If you join them on a fitness vacation, you won’t have to worry about your accommodation, transport, food, trips to the cultural attractions or coaches, it’s all included. Looking for something last minute? Get in touch for more details.

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