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Why Chiang Mai Bootcamp

Why Chiang Mai Bootcamp

Why Chiang Mai Bootcamp

Chiang Mai BootcampVacations today aren’t solely about sun and sea. More often than not, travelers want something out of their trips – whether it’s discovering the culture, learning a new skill, exploring the food scene or taking part in activities. One of the most exciting new experiences is combining fitness into your break and one of the pioneers is Thailand Fitness who run a Chiang Mai Bootcamp. Ever thought about shedding those kilos while also exploring Northern Thailand’s rich Lanna history, culture, and food?

A Chiang Mai bootcamp is located in spectacular scenery

The capital of the north lies in the lush green mountainous region. While Bangkok is noisy, busy, and stiflingly hot, Chiang Mai is quite the opposite – peaceful and surrounded by a landscape of paddy fields, sub-tropical forests, tumbling cascades and glistening lakes punctuated by golden temples. While others typically return home feeling sluggish, tired and with a few more kilos around the waistline, those who book onto a Chiang Mai bootcamp leave energized and up to 8 kilos lighter without missing the opportunity to connect with the province’s beautiful natural wonders.

You’ll have the ideal temperature on a Chiang Mai bootcamp

Chiang Mai BootcampChiang Mai’s elevation makes it noticeable cooler than Bangkok, but it still has a sub-tropical climate. Though the heat directly cannot help you burn calories, it will help with the initial loss of water reduction, kickstarting your weight loss and spurring you on. Doing workups in the heat of a Chiang Mai bootcamp also keeps the muscles warm, improves flexibility and can help avoid injury. It’s the ideal temperature to push yourself to the limit, just remember to drink plenty of fluids.

Discover the culture on a Chiang Mai bootcamp

Just because you’re on a mission to lose weight and improve your flexibility, doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time discovering the cultural attractions of the city and province. While Bangkok has much to see, it’s spread out. Chiang Mai is smaller and the interesting old down is awash with fascinating sights including gorgeous temples, bustling night markets and the pretty surrounding moat with sections of the old city walls. Many of your exercises on a Chiang Mai bootcamp are built around a visit to these sights. Jump on your bike after breakfast and cycle around a lake to a temple. It’s win-win.

You won’t starve at a Chiang Mai bootcamp

Why Chinag Mai bootcampA common misconception is that you’ll have to starve yourself at a Chiang Mai bootcamp to lose weight. In fact, the opposite is true. You’ll need large portions of carefully balanced food to fuel your weight loss. Eating little or no breakfast does nothing other than to trick your body into storing fat. For those who don’t know about Northern Thai cuisine, you are in for a treat. While coconut milk is commonly used in the south, Lanna food uses more herbs and spices which came over the Burmese, all of which impart delicious flavours into grilled meats, fish, curries, and stir-fries. It’s one of the most delicious regional foods in the country.

Learn the art of Muay Thai at a Chiang Mai bootcamp

There is nothing that sums up a Chiang Mai bootcamp more than learning the art of Muay Thai. Here, you’ll gain a cultural insight into this historic national sport, tick something off your bucket list and get fit at the same time. The ancient martial art has been around for centuries, and there is nothing quite as iconic for Thailand as this sport. All that kicking and punching is also a seriously good way to shed those kilos.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Are you sold on a cultural fitness break? Join us every week to experience the culture, history and food of Northern Thailand at our Chiang Mai bootcamp.

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