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What Is Love? Valentine Thoughts From Louise At Fresh Start

What Is Love? Valentine Thoughts From Louise at Fresh Start

Why not send yourself a Valentines Card this February 14th.

So it is that time of year again. February 14th Valentines day, when we send our loved one’s and secret admirers a valentines card. But should be send a Valentines card to ourselves?
I know it might seem like a strange question but, do you think you love yourself? It could be argued that this is a fundamentally important question. Because how can we love others if we can’t love ourselves first. I feel self love and self esteem are really important to nourish the soul, make us feel good, lift our spirits and to help us help others.

So what is love? Believe it or not this question is one of the most popular questions typed into Google. Well love is a feeling , an emotion which triggers all kinds of chemical reactions in the body. It is good that we can experience it because it helps us establish long term relationships and it helps us take care of our off spring if we have them. Research has shown that love is good for your health. If you are married, or in a good and stable relationship then you will suffer with less depression.

So how do we love ourselves?

We can love ourselves by praising ourselves for the good things we do. Pat yourself on the back when you have done a good deed or you have achieved something. We can love ourselves by taking care of our minds and thoughts, eating healthy foods, doing exercise and generally looking after our bodies. It is also important to accept the way we are, but to try and improve our minds and our bodies.

There are millions of people all around the World who are struggling to love their bodies. Yes we have to accept the way we are and some of us will never be super thin, just because of our genes. However, many people are abusing their bodies by not exercising and eating really unhealthy foods. They are also feeding their minds with negative thoughts and watching television shows which promote even more negativity. My advice is not to get sucked in the fast and processed foods industry, don’t watch televisions shows that don’t make you feel good, like negative and drama based drama shows. Anything that scares you is also not a good idea. Anything that glorifies feelings of low energy and negativity will pull you away from love and the higher happy love vibrations. Love is there you just need to learn how to tune into it.

Louise’s words of wisdom

My suggestion to love yourself, is to start listening. Tune into what you body needs and intuitively feels right. Your body and your soul want you to feel and experience love so you can love your bodies and minds so that you can spread that love and wisdom out into the World.

Try to break away from the mainstream and what people and the masses think it right and normal. Drinking large amounts of fizzy drinks is not good and healthy!But millions of people around the World do it.
One powerful way to focus your energy and attention on loving yourself would be to take small steps in taking care of your body. We are not saying that you have to be a marathon runner but simple steps to feeling on top form such as healthy eating and exercise can have huge benefits. This is one of the best ways to show love for you! If you treat your body well you are sending the message that you deserve only good things. Furthermore exercise is proven to release endorphins which are “happy” chemicals.
Love is most certainly something we are and love will flow outside when it is felt inside.
There is a good reason why your heart pumps blood to the heart first before releasing blood to the rest of your body. I believe love is a beautiful emotion and a joyous flow of energy. There is an abundance of love in the universe and if we can learn to tap into that love then we can feel it in ourselves and spread it to those we meet and out into the wider World. So take time simply to focus on what you would like to change, perhaps you could meditate on this and know that you are loved and not alone.

Louise co founder of the fresh start fitness holiday boot camp in Thailand

Louise from Fresh Start in Chiang Mai.

Louise is the co-founder of the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Boot Camp in Thailand, a holistic healing exercise and wellness boot camp based at the Spa health resort Chiang Mai. She runs the boot camp holidays with her husband Richard and they have two young daughters Summer and Bonnie. Louise is a fitness, yoga, pilates and meditation teacher. She loves to share her wisdom and knowledge which she has gathered over the past 26 years of teaching, exploring, training and living.

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