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The Fresh Start boot camp fitness vacations were founded by Yapat Thutsanamahachot and Louise Thomas in January 2010.

Richard and Louise Thomas are the designers of the  Fresh Start programme. Their special and unique program was created bringing together their combined wealth of fitness and health knowledge.

Richard was a Physical Training Instructor in the Elite Royal Marines for 12 years. He completed tours of duty in Iraq and Northern Ireland. Louise has been a group exercise teacher for over 2 decades and has a degree in Sport Studies.

They have devised a challenging but do-able, varied and entertaining week. It’s packed full of outdoor activities to help you achieve your fitness, health and weight loss goals. Their program is constantly evolving as they listen to the feedback from their guests.

Our boot camp fitness vacations take a holistic healthy approach to health and fitness. We deliver this through our well thought out program, clean diet and pampering Spa treatments. We always take into consideration our guests differing aims and experience. Don’t worry if losing weight is not your goal we are also here to provide you with a healthy holiday and to improve your fitness.

We continually see great weight loss results ranging from 1-8 kilos in 7 days. Our biggest male loser so far is Scott Cummings who lost a huge 8.3 kilos in 7 days! Our biggest female loser so far is Emma Liddicoat who lost an amazing 6.1 kilos in 7 days. We also see an improvement in our guests cardio vascular fitness, strength and muscle tone.

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Please don’t worry if weight loss is not your goal as you can choose to go al carte and not follow our calorie controlled diet.

Some of our guests come to escape the rat race and spend some quality time alone. So if you are looking for a boost in your energy levels and simply need a recharge then a Fresh Start retreat might do you the World of good.

We also see a reduction in fat %, improved fitness, increased energy, glowing skin, muscle definition and a greater sense of well-being. It is amazing to see our guests’ transformation and how well their bodies respond to exercise, healthy eating and being out in nature.

The menu is mouth-watering and very nutritious; much of the produce is grown at the resorts organic farm. We do not believe in a starvation diet and our meal plan will provide you with all the calories you need, many of our guests say how full they feel. You don’t have to follow our calorie controlled diet and can go al carte if you prefer.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

We pride ourselves in being super organised and really looking after our guests. Fresh Start has been running group fitness and weight loss retreats every month without fail since we started in January 2010. Moreover, we have never cancelled a retreat and as we are a family business we are a company you can TRULY trust.

Our trainers, venues, program, location and menu are superb. Our long term results and guest reviews speak for themselves and we are thrilled and proud of our guest’s achievements. Many of our guests come back again and again when they need another kick start or re-set. We’ve had a few guests that have attended our boot camp fitness vacations over 4 times!

So if you are looking for a kick start to your fitness, or are already fit but want to get fitter, love the idea of Thailand and just need to get away then you have come to the right place with our fitness vacations at Fresh Start.

Please get in touch on our contact page if you have any questions.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee specific results and results vary from person to person. Please visit our Trip Advisor page to see what our guests are saying.

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