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Weather In Chiang Mai Thailand

Weather in Chiang Mai Thailand

It’s the rainy season here in Chiang Mai and contrary to people’s beliefs… it isn’t raining. In fact the rainy season generally brings with it a series of wonderful events from fresh breathable air to abundant and colourful vegetation. So let’s have a look at the weather in Chiang Mai Thailand.

blog about the weather and seasons in Chiang Mai Thailand

Lush rice paddy fields

Here in Chiang Mai the days are certainly cooler than in the south, but we still enjoy a good amount of heat – sometimes reaching into the late 20‘s – so more than enough for those in search of a tan. Of course the rain does come and go, but the showers are mostly brief and the rains help to clear the air and fill the local scenery with a lushness that is unmatched for the rest of the year. It’s the best time to trek in the area as wild flowers bloom everywhere, the air is fresh and the vibrancy of the local fauna creates an idyllic landscape of green rolling hills and invitingly thick jungle.
As for our fitness boot camp program – the rain rarely affects it, and if we do get caught out, you’ll find the rainfall to be pleasant and refreshing more than anything else. Most mornings you’ll awaken to fresh calming air, and days that are pleasantly warm with rains falling mostly in the late afternoon, evening and night – so don’t worry about the rainy season – instead embrace it.
A little more about the seasons…
The cool season in Thailand is between October and February – this is the high season for tourism. The weather

Colourful flowers

Colourful flowers

conditions are dry and hot with temperatures sometimes reaching in to the 30’s especially around the south, whilst remaining in the high 20’s everywhere else. However, if you’re in the mountains you’ll find nights can be chilly – so grab a coat and get ready for lows of 10°C and less, and even a, albeit slight, opportunity of a
little ice on the summit of Doi Inthanon.
The Hot season hits Thailand between March and April and this is when the sun really starts to burn – temperatures can reach into the 40’s°C and don’t drop below 25°C at night -time to take advantage of the A/C and the fans! The sun at this time of year can be strong so take a leaf out of the lizard’s book and stay in the shade at high noon and drink lots of water. Here at Fresh Start we have devised the program so we are in the shade for as much as possible. We have some cooling water events and we are all fine if we remember to wear our sun hats. We get our best weight loss results during this season as the sun literally melts away the fat.
This is of course the best time of year for those who love the sun – though the lush greenery that grows in the rainy season and sustains part way through the cool season turns into shades of light green and yellow.


Pool games in rain was very refreshing and lots of fun!

Pool games in the rain was very refreshing and lots of fun!

The Rainy season is between May and October and is of course the wettest time of year but as we’ve already covered – it’s also the most beautiful. Lush vegetation, clean rich air and the most splendidly clear views of the mountains and surrounding scenery. Some people are concerned about the rain in Chiang Mai and Thailand during the rainy season – but this just adds to the magic.
The weather in Chiang Mai brings not just beauty to the landscape but peace and serenity to the city. We love all the seasons in Chiang Mai and feel very blessed to have made this our permanent home with our two young daughters Summer and Bonnie.
If you would like to see the weather in Chiang Mai yourself and want a healthy holiday then we invite you to come and find out for yourself. If you are interested in learning about the Thai culture please read this article

To your health and happiness Louise

Louise Thomas co-founder of fresh start Thailand bootcamp

Louise from Fresh Start

Louise Thomas runs the Fresh Start Fitness Boot Camp Holiday at the Spa Health Resort in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand with her husband Richard. The resort is surrounded by lush Thai countryside and away from the temptations of the City, however, guests are taken into the city during the retreat so they can enjoy the cultural delights of Chiang Mai. The resort also benefits from an amazing exercise sala surrounded by an organic farm, which has a gentle gentle breeze due to it’s hillside location.

Their boot camp holidays cater for all kinds of people that are looking for a fitness and health re-boot or just want a healthy holiday with lots of activities in a magical location. Louise and Richard are passionate about exercise and wellness and rapidly becoming the go to holistic fitness bootcamp in Asia. They live at the Spa Resort so you can be assured of the very best personal service.

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