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Tips For Starting A Fitness Routine That Lasts

Tips for starting a fitness routine that lasts

It’s an all-too familiar story; you started a new exercise regime full of enthusiasm and good intentions, but somewhere along the line it sort of fizzled out, and you’re back to your old habits. It’s happened to the best of us – habits are, after all, hard to change. If you want to not just get fit but also stay fit it’s going to take some determination, so have a look at these tips for starting a fitness routine that lasts.


tips for starting a fitness routineMotivation is one of the biggest factors in maintaining your fitness – once your motivation goes, everything goes. Learn to keep your motivation up, therefore, and you learn how to keep your exercise routine up, too. There are plenty of ways to do this, and different techniques work for different people. For example, some people may be motivated by keeping a picture of themselves at their heaviest on display – others may be more motivated by the size 8 dress they want to fit into. Another effective method is “Don’t Break the Chain” – every time you exercise, mark it on the calendar. Soon you’ll see a long chain of marks and it gets harder to convince yourself to break it!

Eating Healthily

Maintaining a long-term fitness routine isn’t just about exercise but also about your diet – you are what you eat, as they say. If you eat healthily, then you’ll have plenty of energy to put into your exercise, whereas a poor diet can leave you feeling sluggish and slow. This can be one of the easiest places to trip up – especially when big holidays like Christmas throw temptation in your way. The key is to start your routine at the right time, so that by the time an indulgent season comes around you’re already set in your healthy ways.

Exercise in the Morning

tips for starting a fitness routineWell, not necessarily. It is important to exercise when you have the energy and enthusiasm for it, and exercising in the morning can give you a good boost for the rest of the day, so it’s a good recommendation for most people. If you naturally aren’t a morning person, however, you might find it much easier to give into the temptation of another five or ten minutes in bed instead – so schedule your exercise for a time of day that you can commit to.

Enjoy Exercise


Many people starting out on a new exercise regime find themselves quickly dreading their workout. This obviously isn’t the best way to keep it going! Luckily, nature lends a hand here by making exercise naturally rewarding when done right. If your workout is set at the right level – not too easy and not too strenuous – then it should induce a rush of endorphins which naturally boost your mood. There are other ways to make exercise enjoyable too – finding a friend to work out with, listening to music while you work out, promising yourself a reward, and many more. You just need to find what works for you.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp at the Spa Resort Chiang Mai


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