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Three Ways To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Three Ways to Start a Healthy lifestyle

Many of us recognise that our habits could be healthier; changing, however, is not always easy. Whether you want to quit smoking, eat better, or get more exercise, the fact is that once you’re in a routine it takes some effort to break it. The good news is, there are a number of ways that you can trick your brain into picking up a new routine more easily. Here are three Ways to Start a Healthy lifestyle

1: Start small and early

One of the biggest challenges in creating a new, healthier habit is simply finding the willpower to sustain it. Many people fall into a trap of setting targets that are too high, and when they don’t see results quick enough they give up. By setting yourself small and achievable goals, you can see results more quickly. The second trick is to use the natural flow of your day – with habits like exercise or meditation, you will often find that it’s much easier to do in the morning, when your willpower is high, than to put it off until later in the day when you’re feeling tired.

2: Recognise your triggers – and use them to your advantage

Triggers are actions in your routine which lead onto other actions automatically. For example, how many people do you know who’ve successfully given up smoking for a whole week only to crack at the pub over the weekend? This is because the drink acts as a trigger to the cigarette – they’re just so used to lighting up over a pint that they do it almost automatically. Recognising the triggers in your routine is one step – forewarned is forearmed – but you can also create your own triggers. All you have to do is link your new healthy habits to things that you already do every day and over time the association will build until it’s an automatic part of your schedule.

3: Step away from your existing routine

One way to change your routines and instil new healthy habits is to break away from your current schedule entirely. It can be very hard to find a way to work exercise into your schedule around your working day when it isn’t something that you’re used to doing; you don’t know how tired you’ll be afterwards, how sweaty, and you don’t want to rush it so maybe you’ll start tomorrow… Fitness holidays like ours allow you to begin on a different schedule – one that we’ve worked out for you – and get used to regular exercise, giving you a kick start that you can then take back home.

Whether you want to lose weight or just get a bit fitter, the Fresh Start Fitness Boot Camp Holiday at the Spa Health Resort in Chiang Mai is a great way to begin. Surrounded by the stunning Thai countryside, Louise and Richard can help you to start a new healthy habit to take back home. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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