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The Benefits Of Training With Other People

The benefits of training with other people

The benefits of training with other people

The benefits of training with other peopleThe benefits of training with other people, what are they? People seem to know them intuitively, however, has anyone actually thought to research this to see if it’s true or not? Well, believe it or not, they have. There have been studies involved in finding out if there’s a correlation between higher performance levels and training with other people.

Not surprisingly, there was a correlation – and it was a positive one! In a recent study, the benefits of training with other people was proven when pairs were shown to have trained two times longer compared to when they were alone! In short, training with others may result in longer workout sessions, allowing you to burn twice the calories you do on a regular basis!

Why does this phenomenon exist?

There are many factors that need to be considered when talking about the benefits of training with other people. However, what we have to remember is that “…humans are inherently social.” This is just how we are created to be, most organisms express different kinds of social behavior, it just so happens that humans tend to be more complex with our social interactions.

What are the benefits of training with other people?

The benefits of training with other peopleIf we’re looking at statistical research, there has been studies done to discover the benefits of training with other people. The subject pool was 58, all of which were female. These subjects were given the same tasks, however, some were told to do it alone whilst the others were told to work together. The ones that worked together were separated further, one group being told to stop as soon as one of them could no longer continue – and the other independently. This continued on for 6 entire days and resulted in a shocking conclusion.

Exercising with a virtually present partner can improve performance on an aerobic exercise task across multiple sessions.” Meaning, that the people who trained together just so happened to exercise longer. To be specific, the groups that partnered had an average of 9-10 minutes whilst the subjects that had worked individually had an average of 5-6 minutes.

What happens when you train with other people?

Our social instincts do several things to make us work harder when training with others, but it can be summarized to a couple specific things. For example:

The benefits of training with other peopleMotivation: People feel naturally motivated when working out with others. This is not limited to friends and family, just seeing others going through the same pain and putting out the same amount of effort – can make anyone more inclined to finish a set of exercises that they might not have finished on their own.

Responsibility: If you are scheduled to train with others during specific times, as humans we’re naturally inclined to go through with it. If you have an active partner that you train with on a regular basis, bailing out on them would be much harder than bailing out on solo workout days. We feel a certain responsibility when it comes to sticking with the plans that we make with others.

Fun: Exercising is not fun, it’s exhilarating for sure, but if you’re with others you’ll have more options. There would be more activities to explore, and you can have a nice chat during a break to catch up with your friend or get to know your workout partner a little bit more. It needn’t be limited to just the gym or just two people. The benefits of training with others extend even to arranging for large groups of people to play a round of sports – like soccer or basketball.

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