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The Lesser Known Benefits Of A Fitness Retreat In Thailand

The Lesser Known Benefits of a Fitness Retreat in Thailand

fresh start guests that have attended our fitness retreat in Thailand

Fresh Start guests

You might be sitting at home right now, researching your next fitness holiday. Do you wonder if the benefits of a fitness retreat in Thailand are what you need to improve your health and well being? Hopefully we can answer this question for you.

Perhaps you have an image in your mind of a strict regime that is more like jail than a holiday. We would like to reassure you this is actually far from the truth. Here at Fresh Start we do not shout at our guests but rather encourage and motivate. We are also very flexible and guests can pick and chose which elements of the fitness camp they would like to do.The good news is that a fitness retreat will get you results that are beyond just weight loss and fitness.

While having a getaway in a beautiful tropical paradise, the benefits of attending a fitness retreat are not just the obvious physical ones. By the end of the retreat you will also find an improvement in your overall mental and emotional states too.

Physical Health Benefits of a Fitness Retreat in Thailand

Undoubtedly you will leave a fitness retreat physically stronger than when you started. Your body will go through a range of well prepared workouts under the guidance of our friendly fitness professionals. Our trainers will support you as you strengthen and tone your muscles. You will also do a lot of your training outdoors where you can enjoy beautiful and relaxing surrounding. This is really good for the soul as well as your body.

While on our fresh start retreat, there will be nourishing and healthy foods to eat, prepared by nutritionists, which will leave your body feeling internally cleaner. Many fitness retreat participants find it extremely beneficial to attend our health talks. So they can learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet when they return home. While they are here with us they enjoy having a break from deciding what to eat each day. It’s quite nice to be told what and when to eat. So it is also a detox for your mind as well as your body.

The mixture of exercise and good nutrition will mean you go home from your holiday with us feeling refreshed. You will be well on your way to having long-term physical health if you keep up the positive habits you will learn once you are back home.

Mental Health Benefits of a Fitness Retreat

Feeling stronger mentally is one of the lesser known positive effects of completing a fitness retreat. Our guests often claim they feel more energized as a result of being able to de-stress while being away on holidays in a tropical location. To aid in achieving this state of relaxation, our retreats allow you the chance to indulge in massages and spa treatments and to enjoy using the resort’s state of the art facilities.

Completing the fresh start experience also leaves participants feeling proud of what they have accomplished in a short period of time, which in turn helps to boost confidence and self-esteem. You will also finish the retreat feeling more connected to yourself so that you understand your strengths, weaknesses and personal limits, as well as being more connected to the other participant who you meet and experience the retreat with.

Emotional Benefits of a Fitness Retreat

Along with gaining a stronger body and mind, you will also be emotionally stronger by the end of your fitness retreat holiday. You will feel calmer and more peaceful. Your mind will be clear of stress leaving you feeling overall lighter- a great state to be in when you return to normal life at home.

You will also find yourself feeling motivated to continue working on your fitness as you will feel confident in your abilities and will know that workouts can be fun and enjoyable.

You might think you can get these same results by attending your local gym at home. However there is a real sense of camaraderie that comes with the fun atmosphere of being away from home at a beautiful resort.

A fitness retreat really is a great idea if you not only want to lose weight but also want to improve your general well being in a unique experience dedicated to you and having a healthy mind, body and soul.

Many of our guests come looking for a Fresh Start. Many guests come to see us because they have just come out of a relationship, have suffered a bereavement , just sold their business , are in between jobs or have simply need a kick start to health and fitness. Lots of guests have had an epiphany realizing what there life purpose is while attending our camp. Being close to nature is really a great way to re-connect with your true self and make sense of your life and where you are going.

Louise the co- founder of Fresh Start is a Soul Purpose practitioner and helps many of our guests to find their life purpose, giving them guidance and support.

Here is our infographic with all the great reasons to attend a fitness retreat with us in Thailand.



Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

If you think attending a fitness retreat in Thailand sounds just like what you need to improve your well being, check out the Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp where the team will take care of all your needs and leave you feeling fantastic physically, mentally and emotionally.

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