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A brilliant week and excellent results! I’d love to do it again. The trainers did so much to ensure it was fun, absorbing and effective. Most of my time was spirit with Dave (so thoughtful, attentive, top- notch circuits, toning and all else) and Ekk (fun, encourages the best from you), plus also had a few days with Anton (again, interesting, effective and highly experienced). Weena is so helpful, very cheerful, loves to help you and organizes all you need.
Weight loss 3 kgs, lost 4.2% body fat and 7 cms off waist width in 1 week.

Lesley Rhodes, 4 – 14 April 2018, United Kingdom.

Just wanted to say thank you to the trainers and co trainers & Weena! for making my stay here lovely. All trainers and co trainers were great and really put our goals at the forefront of the program and made all the days both challenging and enjoyable. Thank you so much.

Florence Hayden, 22 February – 16 March, Kuwait.

Another super week, as enjoyable as our first trip which was 3 years ago. Please keep it going so we can return and enjoy again. Spirit and body have gotten a great boost. All worth the effort. Big thanks to Dave for a very professional Camp and big thank you to Ekk for motivating us to always push and finish the last 3 steps ! Spirit and body feeling fulfilled.
Weight loss 5.2 kg, lost 1.1% body fat and 6 cms off waist width in 1 weeks.

-Ralph Sprenger, 16 – 23 February 2018, Hong Kong.

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