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Fresh Start Fitness Boot camp Terms and Conditions.

1. Booking

    1.1 To place a booking please contact Fresh Start fitness boot camp via email to check that the dates you want to attend are available. Once your dates are confirmed please make the required deposit as agreed by Thailand boot camp. Deposit can be made using Pay Pal on our website or if the deposit is for a different amount then we will send you out a Pay Pal invoice. We also accept bank transfers. A booking is accepted and becomes binding from the date when the deposit is received and the confirmation e-mail has been received by the guest. Thailand Boot camp reserves the right to decline any booking at their discretion. The balance of the total fee is payable at the end of the Thailand Boot camp to the Resort using cash or a credit card unless agreed otherwise on confirmation of booking.

2. Guest Responsibilities.

    2.1 The price of the Thailand boot camp covers the cost of the planning and delivery of the proposed program. Once deposit is cleared the agreed program will be delivered. If the client wishes to change the program once the deposit has been paid additional costs may be charged by Fresh Start at their discretion.

    2.2. It is the responsibility of the Client to arrange travel to Chiang Mai International Airport. Once there we will arrange for you to be picked up by a Spa Resort driver who will bring you to the resort, this service is part of the resorts boot camp package. If the pickup service is missed due to flight delays, lateness or other such commitments then the guest must make their own travel arrangements to the Thailand Boot camp unless otherwise agreed. There is a taxi office in the airport and it costs about 600 baht one way. Please keep the address of the Resort with you for emergencies.  It is the responsibility of the guest to send us their flight details. If the flight details are not sent we cannot arrange for this service. We must have your flight details at least 7 days before your proposed boot camp. Alternatively we can arrange for you to be picked up from a hotel or destination in Chiang Mai city, this is also included in the resort boot camp package.

    2.3. The Client is responsible for their own personal medical requirements including medical insurance and personal footwear, equipment and clothing during the Thailand Boot camp.  Once at the resort we do not refund guests if they have missed parts or the whole of the course due to injury or unforeseen circumstances like environmental or animal/pest injury. If for some reason a guest needs to be taken to hospital then we recommend Ram Hospital. It is the responsibility of the guest to pay for any costs incurred. However, we will arrange for one of our staff who speaks Thai to come with the guest..

3. Course Duration

    3.1. The Thailand Boot camp course is a residential course. To book a place on the Thailand Boot camp course it is advised that you arrive on day one of course at the specified time. Clients who cannot arrive on day one of course may miss certain key advice and information and meeting the whole group. However, we will endeavour to provide as much information as deemed necessary to all guests who miss the Friday welcome meeting.

    3.2. Guests will either stay in hotel or villa accommodation provided by the Resort. When the Resort has not available accommodation we will then arrange for our guests to stay in the privately owned villas. These villas are in the same location at the hotel but are privately owned. In these instances guests are required to pay for the accommodation in advance. These fees are non-refundable as the accommodation has to be paid to the owner in advance of the booking. Thailand boot camp will endeavour to provide our guests with the best possible privately owned villas but once at the resort we cannot move you to another villa. Daily house cleaning is included in the price.

4. Damage to Property

    4.1 Clients shall be held responsible for any damage they cause to the contents and furnishings of the premises during their stay, except for wear and tear.

5. Guest Cancellation Charges

    5.1. If it becomes necessary to cancel all of the booking, it must be notified in writing (email acceptable) by the Boot camp guest only. The cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received.

    5.2. The deposit is non-refundable; however, you can transfer the deposit to another Boot camp date if a minimum of 8 daysnotice is given.

6. Transfers

    .6.1, There is a 5,000 baht handling fee of the full deposit if we receive notice of transfer more than 8 days in advance of the scheduled boot camp course date. The 5,000 baht handling fee is paid using Pay Pal. A Pay Pal invoice will be sent to the email address that is linked to your Pay Pal account. This must be done first before we can transfer your boot camp with us.

7. Early Departure from the Spa Resort and Spa Guidelines

    7.1. For guests already at the Thailand boot camp venue. Should there be any guest who wants to check-out earlier than the confirmed date. The Resort will retain the balance of all payments made for the scheduled stay. In the event of unforeseen personal emergency or unexpected situations, the Resort will review these on an individual basis.

    7.2. Spa treatment agreement is subject to availability, limitation of number of therapists.                  

    7.3. Any additional treatment apart from the Boot camp package, cancellation at Bamboo Spa within 2 hours of the appointed time is treated with a 100% treatment charge.

    7.4. Any Resort services included in the Thailand Boot camp package cannot be cancelled. In case of change or exchange, the Resort will review on an individual basis. In this case, extra charge may apply.

8. Cancellation by Thailand Boot camp

    8.1. We try never to cancel a confirmed booking but reserve the right to do so. If we cancel a confirmed booking before your Thailand Boot camp we will offer the Client the choice of a full refund or another available date.

9. Alteration by Thailand Boot camp

    9.1. The Thailand boot camp make every effort to maintain the accuracy of our literature. However sometimes changes can occur despite our best endeavours and we reserve the right to change any price or other particulars.

10. Course Content and Weather

    10.1. The programs we publish on our website are designed to show the type of activities in our program. It is very unlikely that any one program could be or would be followed precisely as it is shown. Several factors outside of our control will determine this and dictate what can be accomplished reasonably during your course. The most influential factors will be the weather conditions and the physical fitness of course participants. However, the Thailand boot camp will always take our guests fitness levels into consideration and work them accordingly. The Thailand fitness boot camp leader will review and may alter the program as the course progresses in response to the changing influence of these factors.

11. Acceptance of authority

    11.1. The Thailand boot camp leaders will do their best to make sure that any problems are solved for the benefit of the course participants as a group . Attending our course signifies your acceptance of the leader’s authority to make decisions affecting the group. For instance the leader may ask a guest to leave the boot camp if they believe that a persons health is at risk and they are not coping with the physical or mental demands of our program. The leader also have the authority to ask a guest to leave if an illegal act has been or may be committed or their behaviour may or has been detrimental to the safety, well-being or enjoyment the other course participants. In the event of this action the guest involved shall not be entitled to any refund from the Thailand boot camp and will be required to meet all expenses involved in their immediate extraction. The Thailand boot camp will owe the Client no liability in such circumstances and the Client will be solely responsible for any costs incurred.

    11.2. The Fresh Start Thailand fitness boot camp leaders will use their best endeavours to resolve problems to the benefit of the Client as a whole.

12. The Resort Boot camp Package.

    12.1. The resort is responsible for the guest’s accommodation unless otherwise stated, round trip airport pick up, boot camp menu, massages and saunas for the duration of your stay. The balance of the course fee is paid to the Spa Resort using cash or credit card. The balance is for the items listed in your confirmation email. Your balance will be higher if you order any extra food that is not listed on the boot camp menu, if you upgrade or have extra massages or if you use any additional spa services not listed on the Resort package.


One of the best things I have done to support my weight loss journey thus far. I received so much support and encouragement I can't wait to come back again. This has shown me how fit I am and what my potential has been.
- Deb Fryers from Australia July 2011