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Team Of Professional Fitness Instructors

Your visit to the Fresh Start Thailand Boot Camp is delivered by a team of dedicated professionals. We’ll ensure that you have the best possible stay.

Fresh Strat Founders Richard and Louise are responsible for the design and delivery of the Fresh Start programme and selecting and training all of the Trainers and Specialist Instructors who will guide you through your holiday. Also, on hand to assist you with booking your holiday and help you during your stay are in our Support services division are administrator Weena and Guest Relations Manager Tawan and all of the staff at the resort.

You will have two Fresh Start trainers exclusively with you for the duration of your holiday. They will give you fitness and nutritional advice and training all day, every day. We also have World class instructors taking you for individual classes who are experts in their field.

Ask us which trainers and teachers will be at your Fresh Start fitness bootcamp holiday in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Richard Thomas founder of fresh start fitness boot camp holiday in Thailand Richard Thomas Director of Fresh Start

Richard is the owner and co-founder of Fresh Start. He is also the designer of the Fresh Start programme. An ex-British Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor, he has used all his experience and knowledge to build a unique, exciting and diverse boot camp. Moreover, he is a qualified tactical medic, unarmed combat instructor and Personal trainer. Richard is a qualified sports coach with the National Coaching Federation. He holds NVQ level 3 in sports coaching and instructing adults exercise and Fitness and active IQ level 3 Nutrition and weight management adviser. He has also completed a Level One Cross Fit Coaching Course.

After leaving the Royal Marines, Richard became a Commercial oil rig diver and later a Police Officer in Somerset UK, training as a Tactical Fire Arms Officer, Medic and Advanced driver. Richard is a very supportive and encouraging leader who will help you to achieve some outstanding results. Richard is married to Louise and has two young daughters. 


Louise Thomas founder of Thailand fitness bootcamp holiday in Chiang Mai ThailandLouise Thomas Director of Fresh Start

Louise is the owner and co-founder of the Fresh Start Boot Camp Thailand. She has a long and successful career spanning over 28 years in Fitness, running her own successful companies in both the UK and Asia. Louise started her own aerobics business ‘High Energy’ in the UK when she was only 22 years old. She soon had a huge following, was the Founder of ‘Supple strength’ Yoga and pilates. Louise and her partner made it to the finals of the TV show ‘Body Heat’, where they were crowned one of the fitness couples in the UK. Furthermore, Louise also appeared on the reality show ‘Global E-missions’ which her team won after completing 11 missions in 11 countries around the World. Louise also made it to the finals of Fitness Instructor of the year in ‘Health and Fitness’ Magazine.

Louise has a BA Honours degree in Leisure and Sports Studies and RSA exercise to music level 3. She is also a Member of the British wheel of Yoga and holder of OCR level 3 in advanced Pilates. Louise teaches kettle bell, Circuit training, Yoga, Insanity and has qualified as a back and pelvis correction therapist. She is also a certified Soul Plan practitioner and meditation teacher. Louise loves to share her passion, love of exercise, healthy eating and is a very positive and inspiring teacher. Louise is married to Richard and they have 2 young daughters.


Jez staff trainer at fresh start bootcamp holidayJez Andrews Fresh Start trainer assessor and fitness trainer 

He was a British Fire Officer followed by a Wellbeing & fitness adviser for the Police and Fire Services.This role included training level 2 gym instructors, fitness testing, nutrition, weight management and stress awareness training. 

Jez was the first British Firefighter to be selected to complete the Prison Service P.E branch training including coaching skills in soccer, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, rugby, circuits and BAWLA weight training. He holds the Physical Education Association (PEA) Certificate in Exercise and Health studies including circuit training, weight training and RSA exercise to music. Jez has also completed a Diploma in Personal training and Sports Therapy with Premier Training International (The leading PT training provider in the UK). He subsequently worked for both Premier and Future Fit in a part-time role as a level 2 gym instructor trainer/assessor.

In addition, recent courses include Kettle bell and TRX instructor, Level 2 British Triathlon Coach and Level 3 Sun Power Yoga Teacher. In 2012 he jointly opened, owned and managed a CrossFit gym for 3 years gaining CrossFit level 1, CrossFit endurance, mobility and gymnastics qualifications before relocating to Thailand. Jez has always been a keen runner with his biggest achievement winning the World Firefighter Games marathon in Perth Australia.

Jez trains all the Fresh Start trainers to a level 2 fitness instructor level. Jez is also a Fresh Start fitness trainer helping our guests to achieve some amazing results and infusing fun into the programme. 



Anton professional fitness instructor Anton Shetinin fitness trainer

Anton is as enthusiastic about fitness as he is about nature and the environment. When he is not taking the bootcamp you will find him him hiking through the mountains , trails and our lush Asian countryside. 
Anton is from the Ukraine and is an accomplished master swimmer, fitness instructor and unarmed combat trainer. He is also an accomplished Muay Thai trainer who takes great pride in helping our guests get to grips with the Muay Thai moves. Guests remark on Anton’s creativity and there is never a dull moment on his boot camp weeks.
Anton will help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Using his professional and motivating manner he will make your boot camp holiday a fun and rewarding experience. 

Mathee is a trainer at Fresh Start fitness boot camp in ThailandMethee Panghinfonpoonpeom fitness trainer 

Mathee is a Muay Thai trainer and professional fighter and worked at KC’s Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai for 6 years. He has taught Muay Thai in China and India.

He is a very popular trainer here at Fresh Start. Methee studied philosophy for 4 years at Seangtham college in Thailand.

Methee came from the hill tribes in the Mae Jam of Chiang Mai. Also, he has a very outgoing and supportive personality and is a very popular trainer here at Fresh Start!



Prom fitness and cyclist trainer at fresh startProm fitness trainer

Prom is a very experienced and well-qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. He specialises in tennis coaching, trekking, Muay Thai and cycling.

He is a professional cyclist and competes with his team all over Thailand.

Prom has worked as a fitness trainer and supervisor for some of the most prestigious hotels in Chiang Mai including the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Dara Dhevi and Tao Gardens.

He was also the founder of  the Metal Gym and Fitness here in Chiang Mai.

Prom has a deep love of all things health and fitness and loves to share his knowledge with our international clients. Prom is a fun guy who will make your fitness holiday bootcamp a memorable one. Our guests always say what a fun time they had with Prom. Prom was also born in Chiang Mai so is the perfect person to show you the delights of Chiang Mai.


 Tawun is our guest relations manager and fitness trainerTawun Jack Gregory Guest relations manager and fitness trainer

Tawun is a former professional football player having played for Bangkok United and JW Rangsit in Thailand. He has also taught soccer to kids clubs and is first aid trained. Tawun graduated from Prem International school with an IB diploma. He also has a Degree in Ecology from Bournemouth University in the UK and has a love of the outdoors. 

Tawun is currently working towards his Personal Training certification with ISSA , the International Sports Science Association.

He is from England and Thailand and has spent time in both countries.Having grown up in Chiang Mai he has a good local knowledge and speaks both English and Thai.

In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, surfing, weight training and cycling.

Tawun is our guests’ relations manager who will be there to help your holiday run smoothly and answer any questions you might have. He is a fun, enthusiastic and motivational instructor and will help you push a little harder.



Ekk fitness assistant at Fresh Start fitness holiday retreat in Chiang MaiEkk Jampa fitness assistant

Ekk is a professional, full of passion fitness assistant.  He has been working with many different groups of people, so he knows all about customer service. His previous jobs have included being a camp counsellor in Texas USA where he was in charge of the recreational activities, organising team building activities for an orphanage and being an office co-ordinator for Lanna International school. Ekk speaks excellent English as he has a Bachelor Degree in English. 

Ekk is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player since 2006 and has travelled all over Asia competing in tournaments. 

He is a fun and enthusiastic fitness assistant who will help and enthuse you to reach your health and fitness goals.  


Pump fitness assistant at the thailand fitness boot campPump fitness assistant

Pump is an experienced group exercise instructor and teaches Body Pump and Body Combat. He is currently a gym instructor at Platinum fitness centre in Chiang Mai. He was also a manager at Kawee Power Zone gym for 6 years and a personal trainer at Harris fitness centre.

Pump is an inspiration to our guests as at age 16 he was 130 kilos, he changed his diet and started to exercise and has completely changed his body shape. His simple advice is to have small goals and manageable steps.

Pump’s interests are mixed martial arts and brain training to help performance and a positive mindset.

Pump is a warm and friendly fitness assistant who loves to inspire our guests to become fitter and healthier.



Weena office manager at fresh start fitness and health boot camp holiday Weena Administration manager and founders PA

Weena looks after our enquiries, confirmations and answers any questions you might have related to our holiday or coming to Thailand. She also books our activities and helps with the smooth running of the boot camp and our web site. 

Weena is a native Thai national with excellent spoken English language skills with a friendly bubbly personality and always ready to assist before and during your stay with us. 

Weena was formerly the manager of the Residents at the Pavana Spa resort.

She lives close to the Pavana spa resort with her daughter Bipai.



Neil Yoga teacher Neil Jefferson yoga teacher

Neil is a devoted yoga teacher who regularly visits India for training and to immerse himself in all things yoga. Neil is originally from the UK but has been based in Chiang Mai for over 10 years where he teaches and hosts yoga retreats and events.

Neil is a qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Through a variety of poses Neil helps our guests to build strength , flexibility and balance. Neil’s classes are a very popular addition to the bootcamp program and it’s the perfect way to finish a boot camp day.



La De

La De cardio tennis teacher

La De came to Thailand in 2007 from Japan. He now works as the head of the tennis department at Traidos International School; he runs a fun cardio tennis class, which is always loved by our boot camp guests. His class is for any level of tennis player, from total novice to intermediate. The class focuses on fun and cardiovascular improvement, all too some great music.

La de became the No. 1 ranked player in the Shan State of Myanmar in 1994. He is voted the best junior level tennis player in the nation by the Myanmar Tennis Federation, he then became the No. 1 ranked player on the Myanmar Junior Davis Cup Team.

Because of Myanmar’s political instability, he was unable to play tennis in his home country and moved to Japan in 1988. There, he qualified and worked as a Tennis coach at the Top Indoor Stage Tennis School in Tokyo. He taught team elite students and adults for over 8 years. While in Tokyo, he won the Rookies Cup Tennis School Companies tournament.

In addition, La de studied at Shukutoku University, Japan where he gained a Bachelor of Business and Environment degree. La de can speak Kachin, Burmese, Thai, Chinese, English and Japanese.


AnneAnne Teague aqua and pilates teacher

Anne has been with the Fresh Start Boot Camp since its beginnings way back in 2010. A qualified personal trainer with the European Institute of Fitness, Pilate’s teacher & Aqua aerobics teacher (Aquatic Professionals Association). Anne is also a qualified sports coach. Anne has coached such diverse sports as Field hockey, athletics, squash, horse riding and cross-country running.

Also, Anne is a qualified Maths teacher from Zimbabwe, and when not working as a fitness instructor she teaches students at a local international school in Chiang Mai.


Supak Harris yoga teacher at Fresh Start Fitness Holiday

Supak aqua, yoga and pilates teacher

Supak T. Harris has been practising yoga for more than 3 years. This passion has led her to search out her own personal development throughout the world.

This quest has brought her to contact with many different schools and masters in places like Dubai, London, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Samui in Thailand.

Her first Yoga Alliance registered teacher training in Samui, Thailand. She brings her wealth of experience and history with yoga into her teaching approach during classes. Some of them include asana practice, some guided meditation techniques, pranayama/breathing exercises and chi-gong elements, all combined for the maximal effect and efficiency of the practicum. Though a beginner, it can be interesting for practitioners of different levels, since many techniques are implemented and used together.



Chon teaches Muay Thai at the Thai camp in Chiang MaiChon Muay Thai teacher

Chon started training in Muay Thai kick boxing at the age of 10 and is a veteran of over 150 professional Muay thai and boxing fights. He is a former 54 kg North Thailand national champion and has taught the art of Muay Thai at gyms in China, Spain and Norway.

Chon is head trainer at the KC Muay Thai gym in down town Chiang Mai. KC’s gym is one of the newest and best training gyms. They are dedicated to teaching and training the art of Muay Thai kick boxing. Hence, our training sessions with the Kick boxing team at K.C.’S are always one of the highlights of our boot camps. A great fun training session for all abilities and fitness levels in an authentic professional kick boxing gym.



Mr Winn

Mr Winn Cycle Guide

Our cycle days are run by a professional bike tour operator, Spiceroads. It’s the most renowned, fully licensed cycle company in Thailand.

Your tour guide will be Mr Winn, who has graduated from the professional Asian Tour Guide association. He is a qualified bike mechanic, fluent English-speaking and always there to help you with any bike related questions.

Mr Winn is excellent with the less confident riders and can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about cycling in a fun and relaxed manner.



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The Thailand Bootcamp was one of the most amazing fitness challenges I have ever done with the BEST results I have ever seen in 7 days! I’m thrilled with my weight loss of 3kg and have not been 54kg since my early 20s!
- Lucy Johnson from the UK Feb 2010