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How To Stop Night Time Snacking

How to stop night time snacking

How to stop night time snacking

We’re all guilty of reaching for the fridge or the cookie jar late at night, even when we’re not hungry. Whether you’ve had a tough day in the office or you slobbing out in front of the TV, there’s something about evening snacks that trip us all up, even if you’re the sort of person who’d never think about a sugary snack in the day. The question is, how do you stop night time snacking?

How to stop night time snackingEat properly in the day

Though it may not be the only reason that gets you reaching into the cupboard after the sun goes down, not eating properly in the day is certainly a factor. If you’ve skipped one of your day time meals or you’ve just eaten tiny snacks, there’s no wonder why your ravenous at night. Start the day with a proper protein-rich breakfast, eat a filling meal for lunch and eat healthy nuts in between.

Mix up your evening activities

It’s hard after a tough day not to want to just kick back on the sofa but breaking the association is key to giving up those snacks. Try taking a long bath, go for a longer walk with the dog or taking up an activity which gets your mind away from the fridge. If none of those are for you, hop into bed early and watch TV from there. Studies have shown that people who go to bed early are less likely to snack.

How to stop night time snackingTry not to mindless munch

When you’re snacking late night, you mind tends to be on other things. This leads to mindless munching where before you know it, you’ve gone through a whole bag of chips. If you’re are going to indulge while catching your favourite series, try to consciously portion control and don’t feel guilty about having the odd treat.

Have a glass of water or two

Stay away from the booze which will likely get your heading to the snack cupboard. Instead, drink a glass of water of two which tricks your stomach and mind into thinking its much fuller than it really is. Sound a bit boring? Mix it up with sugar-free sodas or tea instead. You’ll be surprised at how well this little trick works.

How to stop night time snackingBrush your teeth before you slob out

So, you’ve got home, had your dinner and all your home responsibilities are complete. Time to head for a late-night snack. You can curb the thought by brushing your teeth earlier in the evening which might just give you that extra barrier you need to stop reaching for the snack jar. If that’s not working, do something with your hands. It might sound silly but flicking through a magazine or reading a book is surprisingly effective.

If you’re going to snack, make it healthy

If you’ve really got that urge to eat, make it something healthy. Grab a handful of nuts or some pieces of fruit. Even a few cubes of very dark low-sugar chocolate aren’t bad for you (in fact it has some very beneficial properties) and it feels indulgent.

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