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Staying Healthy Over Christmas

Staying Healthy Over Christmas

How To Beat The Christmas Eating And Drinking Binge

So the Christmas season is now upon us. So how do we keep our weight stable with so many extra social events and so many tempting treats lining the shelves of shops and supermarkets? Don’t worry, there is no need to despair you don’t have to wait until 2014 to kick start your healthy eating regime. Here are  few ideas I have put together to keep you on track and to balance out the days when you overindulge.

Top Tips For Staying Healthy Over Christmas

staying healthy over Christmas with healthy foods

Avocado and raspberry festive salad

First of all please don’t feel you have to say yes to every party invite , pace yourself so you don’t fizzle out like  a Christmas dinner candle. Think about the days you are not attending Christmas social events and eat foods which will help to keep your energy levels up. Avocados are a personal  favourite of mine, raspberry avocado salad with honey  raspberry vinaigrette is very Christmasy , here is the link to the recipe avocado and raspberry salad.

Why not take a few days to do a mini detox. Try to eat clean for a few days cutting out processed food, sugar, meat, dairy, wheat, refined carbs and alcohol. Try drinking herbal teas like green tea which is packed full of anti-oxidants.

During the Christmas period have a couple of early nights to balance out the late one’s . remember it is all about balance and learning to list to your body.

Here are some ideas for Christmas day.

I start Christmas day with a quick run which ignites my metabolism , suppresses my appetite  and helps to burn the food I will be eating. So lets look at Christmas dinner.

My first tip is not to pile on the potatoes. Instead I suggest piling on the brussels because they are super healthy and packed full of folate , Vitamin C and fibre which keeps our digestive system in tip top condition.I don’t have lots of potatoes but the one’s I do have are cooked in coconut oil which has a neutral taste and smell and does get toxic at high temperatures. If you want to keep the calorie count down then I suggest not eating the skin of the turkey. You can also prick the skin of the bird before you cook it to allow the fat to drain. Chestnut stuffing is one of my favourites and is low in fat and a good source of potassium. I love bread sauce but I use semi-skimmed milk which again will keep the calories down. Don’t forget to eat intuitively and try and stop when you are full,there is no point unmaking yourself feel sick and the not having enough energy to enjoy the rest of the festivities.

Christmas smoothie to keep you healthy over Christmas

Yummy Christmas Smoothie

We like to use the left over turkey on boxing day in a stir fry with lots of fresh organic vegetables. The kids love smoothies and so we make an extra special Christmas themed concoction. This year we have decided to try the North Pole Strawberry Smoothie from Betty Crocker check out the recipe here 

Remember to drink lots of pure water. Richard and I have a water filter fitted and we always take a bass of water t bed with us and we make sure it is drunk before we come down stairs in the morning.

My last tip is not to scale down your exercise routine , keep on track with your normal schedule and you will be sure to he heading in the right direction. We run our fitness bootcamps in Thailand over the Christmas and new year period and we have been pleasantly surprised how popular they are. AsI write this Christmas week is full and we have just one spot left for the new year week. So on Christmas day our bootcamers will be doing team games, cardio tennis, footy fitness ,power asking and aqua!! We will be treating them to a Raw Zen of Chocolate and you never know they might just get a Christmas cracker to pull!

Louise Thomas co-founder of fresh start Thailand bootcamp

Louise Co-Founder Of Fresh Start

From all of the Fresh Start team in Thailand we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Louise is Co-Founder of the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Boot Camp In Chiang Mai Thailand.

She is passionate about health and wellness and loves inspiring their guests to become healthier and fitter. 

To learn more about Fresh Start visit our Home Page Here.







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