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Songkran Thailand 2019

Songkran Thailand 2019

Songkran Thailand 2019

Songkran Thailand 2019Songkran festival is almost upon us. If you’ve never heard of the annual Thai event, a celebration of Buddhist New year, and you’re visiting the Land of Smiles, get ready for some serious action. Songkran Thailand 2019 falls between 13th and 15th April and sees the streets burst into live in one of the world’s biggest water fights. Here’s 6 things you need to know about Songkran.

Why is Thai New Year in April?

While much of the world celebrates New Year on January 1, Thailand and several other Asian countries observe the Buddhist calendar where New Year falls within mid-April. The name ‘Songkran’ originates in Sanskrit and literally translates to ‘Astrological Passage’. The dates also market the end of the dry season and the beginning of the annual rains.

Songkran festival highlights

Songkran Thailand 2019If you happen to be in Thailand at the time of Songkran, the festival is almost unavoidable. Many of the restaurants, shops and banks close for several days and a walk through the streets are likely to leave you completely soaked.

Annually, the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) help organise events across the country with a focus on emerging tourist destinations. This year, they’ll be particularly spectacular celebrations in Tak, Mukdahan and Ranong.

While you’re likely to get wet anywhere you travel, the festival changes somewhat depending on the region. For example, the North uses firecrackers to ward off evil spirits, while locals in the south abstain from lying.

Of course, the biggest celebrations are in the capital Bangkok where the festivities kick off annually from Wat Pho, one of the city’s most important temples. Most streets are filled with water-fighting locals, but there’s more action to be found along Khao San Road. You’ll also find a number of colourful parades, live music, traditional dancing and beauty pageants.

Songkran Thailand 2019Water festival Thailand 2019

The festival is hugely important to Thais, but foreigners are more than encouraged to get involved in the celebrations. Head out onto the streets, grab a water pistol or water balloons and get stuck in. It’s particularly good for photographers, though there’s no doubt you’ll waterproof protective equipment.

If you have the time, don’t miss a visit to the ancient former capital of Ayutthaya several hours north of Bangkok. Here, you’ll find beautiful decorated elephants who spray huge crowds of eager locals and tourists.

Songkran 2019 Chiang Mai

If you’re planning a visit to the northern city of Chiang Mai for the Songkran 2019 festivities, why not combine it at the Chiang Mai Thailand bootcamp? Our week-long bootcamps blend exercise and nutrition with local sightseeing and perfectly compliment the Songkran madness. Dates for our workshops during Songkran 2019 Chiang Mai are 5-12 April, 12-19 April and 19-26 April.

Sold on combining a fitness holiday with Songkran 2019 Chiang Mai? Chiang Mai bootcamp offers a high-intensity training facility nestled in the wonderful Chiang Mai countryside. Its elevation makes the temperature cooler than much of Thailand and the landscape makes for the perfect place to kick start your training program. During the fun and supportive week (or longer), you’ll not only work on your fitness regime, you’ll also meet new friends and experience a slice of authentic Thailand. Everything from transport, food, accommodation, coaching and excursions are taken care of, plus there’s often last-minute deals to be found, so get in touch.

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