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Self Development Ideas

Self Development Ideas

15 Self Development Ideas You Need to Try

Engaging in self development is important so that we can improve our lives, become a better person and to achieve our lifelong goals. These days there are many tools available to us which are easily accessible that are perfect for our self-development and personal growth. The areas of our life that we may want to develop can include working on financial goals, communication skills, our relationships, our attitude and mindset, spending time on hobbies and interests, and managing stress and physical health in positive ways. No matter which areas of your life you wish to improve, most of these suggested self development ideas will be useful in helping you to reach your goals for the year.

1. Udemy

Self Development Ideas When it comes to learning something new, then it is highly likely that you can find a short course for learning that thing on Udemy. The courses in Udemy are taught by experts in their field, and presented to the public in a well-organised platform that makes it easy to learn about just about any subject or topic in an affordable way, all conveniently from your home. Check it out:

2. Coursera

This is another resource where you can access free courses which are prepared by leading universities and academics from around the world on a range of different topics. Do a search on the Coursera site for ‘personal development’ and find free courses om topics such as career, planning for success, learning languages, mindfulness, music and creativity. You can find it here:

3. TED Talks

These are amazing 20-minute talks by speakers from all walks of life and backgrounds which are nothing short of inspirational. One of the best I have watched is Jill Bolte Taylor and her talk about what happened when she had a stroke which changed her life forever. Watch the talk by clicking this link: or just search the TED database and be ready to get inspired.

4. Lumosity

If you want to work on your mind and train your brain to do things like have better focus, improve your memory and learn new subjects with ease, then head to the Lumosity website here: and play the cognitive games designed to improve the way your brain works.

5. NLP

If you really want to understand ore how you as an individual organises your own thinking, feeling, language and behaviour then doing some studies in neurolinguistics programming (NLP) will provide a methodology to understand how you form your own unique mental map of the world and how you perceive information from the world around you. There are courses with varying degrees of depth that you can do to really step up your personal development work using NLP tools. You may find that you love the methods in NLP so much you go on to become an NLP trained coach so you can also help friends, family or paying clients.

6. Vision Boarding

Self Development IdeasThis is a coaching tool that is recommended to anyone who wants to be successful and manifest their dreams. It is now really easy to make a vision board using the Happy Tapper Vision Board App, or just use Pinterest to create inspiring vision boards of your future so you can start manifesting.

7. Meditation, Mindfulness and Visualisation

Given that a regular meditation practice can help to reduce stress, increase well-being and bring a sense of joy and lightness to our lives, the tools of meditation, mindfulness and visualisation can be very effective for creating a life that is free from stress, anxiety and negativity. These tools can also help you to take control of your life, to more effectively manage your thinking and moods and begin to unfold your creativity. Learning more about meditation I super easy these day for anyone who is curious, with many free apps now available to download which teach meditation. Two that are often recommended are Headspace and Omvana.

8. Self-Help Books

There is a reason that there is an entire section in book shops dedicated to the topic of self-help. An inspirational book can be incredibly powerful and can act like a coach to motivate you, teach you how to move forward, and help you get that much closer to what you consider success. There are hundreds of good self-help books on the market, but some classics that get recommend time and again for being inspiring, empowering and educational include:

• Chicken Soup for the Soul series by Jack Canfield’s
• Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
• Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
• How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
• The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris
• Anything that has been written by Tony Robbins

9. Inspiring Podcasts

These days podcasts are all the rage, and there are some pretty inspiring ones out there with talks, discussions and interviews with truly interesting people on all sorts of self-development topics. Here are some podcasts which may assist in your self-development:

The Charged Life – Brendon Burchard shares insights on motivation, success, high performance, and living a fully charged life.

Cultivating Mindful Awareness – Tara Brach, author and teacher, shares a talk each week on Buddhist teachings and practices. At the beginning of each podcast, she guides her listeners through a 30-minute mindfulness guided meditation and then speaks for about 50 minutes.

Muay Thai ExerciseThe Work of Byron Katie – The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the fear, violence, and suffering in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, allowing your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.

Steve Pavlina – Steve Pavlina – personal development for smart people – talks about our beliefs, intuition, truth and awareness and much more.

Happiness Through Self Awareness – This Podcast explores awareness as the pathway to happiness. Using Self awareness or consciousness as the means to identify and change core beliefs, stop emotional reactions, and develop love and happiness in your relationships.

48 Days – Join Dan Miller every week for the “48 Days To The Work You Love” Internet Radio Show. Dan is the nation’s leading authority on work, career and business start-up.

The Overwhelmed Brain – A weekly personal growth show for the critical thinker. For people who are annoyed with affirmations, and tired of being told to “think positively”. This show will provide practical advice and common sense tips to help you along your journey.
NO matter what you are interested in and the area you want to focus on in your life there is definitely a podcast out there for you to listen and learn from.

10. The Law of Attraction

Learning more about the law of attraction and how you can manifest and visualise anything you want to be successful, is definitely something every self-help junkie will tell you to practice doing. There are many different law of attraction programs out there online, with book and documentary The Secret probably being the most famous.

11. Hypnosis

This is not just a woo wo technique use as a performance art to dazzle people but is actually a powerful tool for changing the way you think. Hypnosis can be used for many things from quitting smoking to losing weight and curing phobias or anything that causes us to perform negative or destructive behaviour. Through self-hypnosis you can become the person you want to be and perform at your best in any circumstances. There are loads of self-hypnosis apps on the market which provide the details for how to do self-hypnosis.

12. Self Help Gurus

Tony Robins, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle are some of the most well-known self-help and personal development gurus who are out there today. If you are feeling a bit lost and are not sure where to start in improving your career, health, relationships or mindset then starting with reading books, blogs and watching interviews with these teachers to get you on track.

13. Coaching

Self Development Ideas These days, having a life coach or health coach is not just something for celebrities. Many normal, everyday people now pay coaches to help guide them to eat better, exercise more, save money, to figure out their life purpose, to follow their dreams and goals, and provide support and guidance on things that are too hard to figure out on your own or where you need extra accountability to get you through. It is very important that your personality is a match in the coach & mentee relationship as you will spend a lot of face-to-face time together.

14. Take a Communication Skills Class

A communication class can help to improve not just public speaking skills but also improved communication in personal and professional relationships through focussing on both verbal and non-verbal cues which we need to do well in communicating with others. It can also improve confidence so that it is easier to connect with the audience and fine like-minded others.

15. Retreats

Of course we believe in the power of retreats for providing an opportunity or people to escape their real life and to explore a new place, meet new people, learn some new skills and leave feeling energised and like a new person to the one who first arrived.

There is no doubt that living a life where you are able to find solutions to your problems, answers to your questions, where you achieve your life goals and learn and grow as a human being is extremely satisfying. In order to push your limits, take on new challenges, live life on your terms, become emotionally free and have control of your health and wealth requires putting in the work for continual improvement. Hopefully these self-development ideas can bring you closer to living the kid of life that inspires and motivates you.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

We would love to see you at Thailand Fitness Bootcamp where you can definitely work on your self-development in a beautiful place with supportive people all around you.

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