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Secrets To Help Keep Yourself Looking Younger

Secrets to Help Keep Yourself Looking Younger

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. Some people seem to accept it without a second thought, other people fight it even before they should be worrying about it. Either way, at some point you’ve probably wondered if there’s anything you can do to help reduce the signs of ageing, or prevent them. Richard and I are always looking for ways to stay looking younger. Here are our Secrets to Help Keep yourself Looking Younger.

We hope you enjoy our five top suggestions to help you stay looking younger, longer.

5 Secrets to Help Keep Youself Looking Younger 1) Befriend Berries

You probably know berries are good for you, but did you know they are a superfood for younger looking skin?

Benefits of Berries

Contain phytochemicals—nature’s way of fighting ageing from the inside out (and why berries are such pretty colours. Pretty colours=Pretty You!)

Excellent source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals, a common cause of premature ageing

Boost brain activity—part of staying young is keeping your mind young. Eating berries on a regular basis can help you do just that by increasing cell regeneration and reducing inflammation, meaning the signals in your brain can move freely.

Try incorporating all sorts of berries into your diet and always opt for deep, rich colours. Deep hued blueberries, deep red raspberries, and dark blackberries are good choices. They can be put on cereal, incorporated in smoothies, as a yogurt topping, or even part of a healthy dessert!

Berries are also a great addition to products you use on your body. Look for natural products that don’t have harsh chemical ingredients. Just like they help your body from the inside when you eat them, berries can help boost your skin from the outside when applied as soaps, creams, oils, and lotions.

rest2) Prioritize Break Time

It’s easy to get caught up on all of life’s responsibilities, but stress is the main culprit for premature ageing. We know you can’t get rid of all the stressors in your life, but you can take a break and that’s all you need to do to help stay looking younger, longer.

Stress causes hormone imbalances that can quickly age you. Some of this may be temporary and go away as soon as your life is back to normal, but when being stressed becomes an ongoing issue, the results on your youthful look will become permanent.

Even if you don’t think you have time, try taking 20 minutes or more a day just to relax and unwind. You’ll find yourself mentally more focused and physically more rested once you learn to unwind even for a short time. If 20 minutes seems too long to start, try 5 minutes twice a day, then increase to ten minutes twice a day. Maybe you’ll even make it to 20 minutes twice a day!

3) Remember to Move

Sure, we just told you how important it is to take a break—but moving is important too. For some people, moving may even be part of taking a break. A relaxing stroll during a break at work or an after dinner walk to unwind before bed are great ways to get moving and relax at the same time.

Modern day lifestyles promote being sedentary, which is very hard on our bodies. The human body is meant to move and begins to shut down if it remains stationary too long. Make time to step away from your desk, computer, television, or anything else that keeps you sitting. If you absolutely can’t remove yourself from your technology—take your technology with you and hop on a treadmill! While this isn’t ideal, it will still help you get moving. Your body with thank you and eventually you’ll be brave enough to ditch the technology for a short period of time while you’re loving your body through movement.

Moving, whether it’s a gruelling workout or a gentle stroll, helps get your blood flowing while strengthening and toning your muscles. It will help prevent fat cells from forming and will even help your brain stay sharp. There’s a good chance you’ve been sitting for an hour or more as you’re reading this—get up and move!(then come back and finish reading of course!)

avocado 14) Consume Healthy Fats

It doesn’t always seem like a natural part of being healthy and preserving your youthful glow, but eating healthy fats will do just that. Omega 3 fatty acids are the secret to glowing, young-looking skin. These fats help your skin stay elastic and help your body balance your skin’s hydration levels. Without essential fatty acids, your skin will become dry and flakey, which is never a good look and will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Speaking of wrinkles, consuming omega 3 fatty acids as part of a healthy, balanced diet, channel keep wrinkles from forming or even help fill them in if you haven’t previously been consuming enough healthy fats.

Remember, this isn’t permission to eat all the fatty foods you want, just a remind that not all fats are bad!

5) Pomegranate Powerhouse & Good for You Goji

If you’re going to eat just one fruit, make it a pomegranate. Often overlooked in the supermarket, it is a super fruit that should never be ignored. The juice found in this fruit has been shown to reduce the risks of alzheimer’s, high cholesterol, and can even help prevent the spread or formation of cancer cells. With increased cell regeneration after it’s consumption, pomegranate also has strong anti-ageing benefits.

Looking for a way to top the benefits of pomegranate for anti-ageing? Look no further than the goji berry. We mentioned berries earlier, but feel this one deserves a special dedication. This berry is found in Tibet and contains nearly five hundred times the amount of vitamin C as an orange, per serving. It also contains the highest known concentration of a special antioxidant known as carotenoids. Goji berries also contain 18 amino acids, zinc, iron (even more than spinach!), and the entire range of B Vitamins—along with many more essential nutrients.

Bonus Tips

Still looking for more ways to preserve a youthful look or slow down the ageing process? Make sure you always stay hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day, every day to help keep your body functioning in top condition and your skin looking hydrated and young.

When it comes to skin care products, don’t forget to find products that contain a special form of vitamin A, called retinol. It could be the single most important ingredient to help keep your skin, particularly on your face, looking young. It helps smooth the skin and prevent (and even reduce) wrinkles. Vitamin C serum’s can also help speed up cell renewal and help give your skin that youthful glow you’ve been missing—or are afraid of losing.

I like to use natural organic skin products as much as I can. Here is a great info-graphic with chemicals which could be harmful to your health.

Check out this great information and infographic from Mind Body Green – Toxic skin care ingredients to avoid 

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

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