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Scott’sThailand Boot Camp 9 Week Transformation

Scott’sThailand Boot camp 9 week transformation

Scott's before photo before his transformation

Scott before photo

In May 2014 I attended the Fresh Start Thailand boot camp in Chiang Mai Thailand. I lost 11.3 kilos in just 7 days! Louise the director of Fresh Start suggested that for a real life changing experience and long term change I should come for at least 8 weeks. Louise offered me a bootcamp at cost. It was an opportunity to change my life so I thought about it for a couple of minutes and decided why no. What do I have to loose other than quite a few kilos which would be life changing and a worthwhile investment in my health and fitness not just now but for the future.

In April 2013 I came to Fresh Start Bootcamp for the first time for two weeks and at a starting weight of 149kg’s but managed to break the record for the highest weight loss for the first week and dropped 8.3kg’s. I had a shocking chest cold at the time and getting oxygen to the body was a real struggle. My doctor had insisted that I started taking a low dose blood pressure medication as he was concerned about high intensity exercise. My average blood pressure was 152/92 and a resting heart rate of 70bpm. After just 3 days into the first week I started to grey out on some of the activities so against the doctors advice, I stopped taking the medication as I noticed my blood pressure was dropping. By the end of the week it was 140/88 which is still in the high normal range but now without medication. Week two was much better although I only dropped 1.2kg but did nearly every activity. After I finished and when I arrived home the kg drop continued for a few days and was less 11kg’s for the two week fitness holiday and very happy.

May 2014 I decided to return for just one week to get another Fresh Start as I hadn’t continued as planned on my health and fitness journey after the previous visit and was over the excuses why I didn’t continue, just needed a Fresh Start again as I was now at

152kg. This week I gave it all I had and attended all activities and happily there was some muscle memory from the previous visit to help me not to mention a fantastic positive group of fellow boot campers and trainers. 11.6kg was the loss in just one week!! I couldn’t believe the result and had smashed my previous record of 8.3kg’s loss. Very happy to see Dan from Australia drop 8.5kg’s on the same week taking the record of the second highest loss in the Bootcamp history by doing basically the same as me and following the program exactly as it was designed and pushing yourself to the limit.. perhaps a little past the limit at times!!

There was again some residual effect following the week in May and had dropped further to 137Kg’s upon arriving home. This time was different as I had just over 3 months before I would return and go for at least 8 weeks to really make a serious change. An overseas trip to Scotland, Ireland and Greece for 5 weeks with my elderly father

Scott's after photo taken after 9 weeks at the bootcamp holiday in Chiang Mai Thailand

Scott’s after photo

would make training difficult and I did increase back to 140kg’s but when I returned I did around 2hrs a day 5 days a week at my local gym for 6 weeks prior to my return in September which got me a lot fitter but even with reasonably healthy eating, I couldn’t get too much of the weight off.

September 3rd 2014 the 9 week Fresh Start Bootcamp challenge begins with a starting weight of 137.3kg’s.

Highlights for the first week were another very positive group of fellow boot campers, still unable to ride the entire Elephant Camp ride having to walk around 300m in a bottom to top time of around 50 minutes but a loss of 11.1kg’s!! We are off to a very good start and now at 126.2kg’s.

Weeks 2 to 8 saw many high’s with my weight dropping a lot some weeks and even going up on other weeks but I knew that if I just followed the program I would end up with a good result so learnt that there was so much more than just looking at the total kg number which is what we are all judged upon and when exercise increases muscle mass it will increase your weight temporarily but eventually by eating plenty of raw organic food, controlling the portion size, limiting the “not so good” foods and doing regular exercise you will not only feel and look so much better, you will live much longer too.

Now that The Fresh Start 9 week challenge has been completed, my journey to a much fitter and happier longer life has just begun and even though I have the record loss of 25.3Kg’s in 9 weeks and have the fastest recorded Bootcamp time of 25 mins 30 secs to the Elephant Camp, Completed the Doi Suthep Mountain ride and my blood pressure has dropped to an ideal range of 117/87 with a resting heart rate of 47bpm, at 112kg’s I still need to drop another 15 to 20kg’s to reach my medium term target so the journey continues with a bit less intensity and a lot less weight for at least the next 3 months before I am at a stable happy level and come back in May 2015 to challenge myself once more and to meet many more happy and motivated positive boot campers and trainers.

A big thank you to all the Richard & Louise and all the Fresh Start Bootcamp trainers and an even bigger thank you to all the Bootcampers who shared part of my journey as I shared part of theirs which without the combined positive motivating power of each group, the results wouldn’t have been so high.

Kind Regards & Best Wishes Scott Fresh Starts Biggest Winner!

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Bootcamp in Chiang Mai Thailand

Louise & Richard

Louise and Richard Thomas directors of Fresh Start would like to congratulate Scott on his hard work and dedication during his time with them at their luxury fitness holidays in Thailand. They wish him all the luck and continued success with his new healthy lifestyle and hope to welcome him back again for another fitness adventure is 2015!

Louise and Richard are true fitness proffessionals with over 50 years of combined fitness and wellness teaching and coaching. If you want a World Classs fitness retreat and a company in Thailand that you can REALLY trust and rely on then look no further. We are here to make your fitness and health goals a reality. Please check our Fresh Start’s testimonial page.

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