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Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil

10 Health benefits of Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran OilVegetable oils are already a popular addition to standard household cooking; however by switching to Rice Bran oil in particular you could also be switching to a healthier way of eating.

Rice bran oil is extracted from one of most widely available foods on the planet, you guessed it, Rice!

Interestingly rice bran oil has an extremely high smoking point which allows it to be used through high temperature cooking such as adding as a base to a healthy vegetable and meat stir fry.

The benefits of rice bran oil is in abundance, so read on to see our top ten health benefits and advantages that may encourage you to make the swap.

Cooking with Cholesterol

Rice bran oil has a unique balance of fatty acids in its make up that actually reduces cholesterol levels. This is due to the beneficial forms of cholesterol actually preventing bad or poor forms of cholesterol from developing and connecting in the body. As a result this can help reduce the percentages of developing heart disease and similar afflictions.

Curbing Cancer

It is found that rice bran oil hosts large sources of antioxidants, such as high levels of vitamin E, which your regular household vegetable oil cannot claim. Free radicals are dangerous by-products of cellular metabolism that can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells. Vitamin E combats this by working as an antioxidant that neutralises free radicals in the body. Therefore top up your vitamin E intake by adding rice bran oil to your cooking.

Smooth Skin

As discussed above rice bran oil can increase your levels of vitamin E, but a further benefit is that vitamin E can speed up wound healing, increase cellular regeneration, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, and provide protection from sunburn. Vitamin E also helps to boost the protective quality of the skin and keep foreign toxins at bay.

Allergic to Cooking

Rice brain oil is hypoallergenic; again something your household vegetable oil cannot stand for. Therefore rice brain oil does not cause any allergic reactions when used during cooking but can also calm and prevent further allergic reaction systems in the body from occurring.

Worried About Weight

Ok, rice bran oil is, on paper, high in calories. However rice bran oil is thick and the food you cook with only absorbs roughly 20% of it. Therefore, when less oil is absorbed by the food then you still get the great tasting flavour, and health benefits, without taking in all the calories compared to other standard vegetable oils. So if you are worried about your weight then rice bran oil can be a good substitute from higher fattier oils.


Being rich in antioxidants rice bran oil certainly helps boost your immune system. If you introduce rice bran oil as part of your healthy daily diet then your body improves the ability to fight these nasty free radicals we have been talking about and keep various diseases away.

Liver Life

The function of your liver can be greatly improved by using rice bran oil on a daily basis. And due to the healthy composition of fatty acids mentioned earlier this can also help prevent high cholesterol build up on the liver. Your liver then has the improved ability to detoxify and support the rest of your body’s working function.

Hair today…

Ferulic acid and esters in rice bran oil encourages hair growth, believe it or not. Plus being packed with our trusted old Vitamin E this also provides many benefits for your hair and hair growth. Omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids that you may well also find in oil fish can provides your hair with nourishment can prevent premature greying of hair colour. Using rice bran oil in your daily diet can become part of your hair care regime to improve hair health.


The oil is extracted from the outer layer of the rice called bran. The oil is mild, neutral not domineering in taste. Because of this, not only can you use it in different cultured cooking such as Indian, Chinese, stir fry and so on it can also be used in baking, salad dressing, grilling, marinades all year around. A very versatile and neutral oil that can be introduced to your diet in any shape or form.

High Temp

As we referred to earlier rice bran oil has a high smoking point up to around 254c this makes it perfect for stir frys and even deep frying. However, even at these temperatures the oil still keeps its highly nutritious value without losing its beneficial properties. Foods cooked at these high temperatures also do not absorb as much oil as lower temperatures; this is great if you were worried about your body fat ratio and taking on further calories.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

At our Fresh Start boot camp we certainly encourage the ability to change and develop nutritional intake to match your health and fitness lifestyle. The introduction of Rice bran oil to your diet for example and the health benefits they preserve can be small, simple changes that you take from your stay here. Our boot camp holiday in Chiang Mai promotes making small changes such as adjusting and tweaking nutritional consumption as well as a tailored exercise regime to help manage mental and physical health goals.

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