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Residential Fitness Camp February 2017 News

Residential fitness camp February 2017 news

February was another busy month at our residential fitness camp. The past month at Fresh Start has seen guests come from Malta, Bahrain, Luxembourg, England, Australia, Spain, Italy, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Switzerland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, The United States of America and Canada. Our guests come from all over the globe, which is amazing and they also come to us with different goals in mind. The majority of our guests come for weight loss, however, some people are looking for a fitness holiday in the sun. They book on our fitness vacation to maintain their fitness levels while they are spending time aboard. 

Everyone who attended in February gave their all each and every day. Everyone was working towards their heath and fitness goals. Here are some of the achievements from the past month. The biggest loser was Chris, from London, England who lost an enormous 7.4 kg’s in his first week with us! Here is the blog dedicated to Chris’s One Month Boot Camp at Fresh Start.

The biggest reduction in waist width was Brigitte from Northern Ireland who lost 14 cm’s in just one week! Those truly are some impressive numbers and we hope you can all continue losing the weight and improving your fitness levels.

The combined weight loss of all the guests in February came in at 79.8 kg. This works out at an average of 4.7 kg’s per person. Even though people lose weight at a different pace, our program is designed to ensure that even the people who struggle to lose weight will do so when they are with us.


Colin our residential fitness camp dog

Colin who follows us on our daily walks

Colin the temple dog regular addition to our residential fitness camp family

The past month has seen the welcome addition of Colin the temple dog. We normally run into Colin at the temple where we do our retro hill sprints. Colin along with two or three of his mates then lead the way back to the resort while having the time of their lives running through fields and jumping into streams. Their company really helps to lift the mood of the group. Plus helping us to forget that we’ve been walking for over 10 km’s. Colin normally sticks around while the other dogs return home. Colin can be found hanging out by the pool or trying to get involved in the 2 hour circuit in the afternoon. But don’t worry he is forced to watch from outside of cloud 9 Sala. On Wednesday mornings he is waiting down by the entrance of the resort ready to escort us to the Prem School. He is a very smart dog and its almost like he knows our schedule. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stick around forever and sometime on the Wednesday, Colin will disappear and we won’t see him again until the following Tuesday. Look how gorgeous he is , some of our guests would like to take him home. 


This month’s highlight of a Fresh Start fitness Camp Activity is Cycling  

Cycling is one of the most popular activities among the guests that we do here at Fresh Start. It is hugely popular all over the world and most people first learn to ride a bicycle at a young age. However, the fun on a bike doesn’t have to stop once you reach adulthood.    

Benefits of cycling

Cycling is one of the easier ways to fit exercise into your daily routine because it’s a form of transport. Commuting to work on a bicycle everyday would save money on fuel, help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. Plus you are also helping the environment as you reduce your green house gas footprint.

Cycling is a low impact type of exercise, so it’s easier on your joints than running is. With its low impact nature, cycling can help you recover from injury as a recent study found that elderly patients with knee pain and osteoarthritis actually improved their conditions after cycling was introduced to their routines. Other benefits of cycling include improved posture and coordination, decreased stress levels and improved joint mobility.

cycling at Fresh Start residential fitness boot camp in Thailand

Cycling at Fresh Start

Cycling at the Fresh Start Fitness Vacations 

Guests at Fresh Start have a full day of cycling on the Sunday and it’s a get way to see the amazing countryside we have in and around Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. We hire bicycles from a company in town to ensure all bicycles are of top quality and are well maintained. The company also provides a van to slow incoming traffic and so guests don’t need to carry their bags with them. The route is not super challenging and can be completed by most but there are a few hills along the way, which will have even the fittest huffing and puffing at the top. Fresh Start Bootcamp is both a fun and fitness bootcamp and on the cycling day we bring you to visit Mae Saa Waterfall for a swim and various other tourists attractions in the area.

Once again well done to everyone who took part in a residential fitness camp during February 2017! We hope you are keeping up the momentum back at home and we hope to see you back here with us in better shape so we can work together to keep on pushing your fitness and weight loss levels. 

To check out more information regarding cycling check out this blog The Benefits of Cycling 

If you would like to take part in a residential fitness camp in Thailand check out our dates and booking page HERE.




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