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Fresh Start Fitness and Weight Loss Program

Our fitness and weight loss program days are packed full of activity. While we work hard on your fitness, we put emphasis on fun and feeling a sense of personal achievement. Moreover, the program has been designed to get maximum results utilising the latest fitness and health research. This is a group programme with the same friendly fitness instructors supporting you at all times. Moreover, the fresh start fitness program promotes group camaraderie and team spirit which helps with motivation and enjoyment. In addition, we get really interesting guests from all over the World and many friendships are made.

What’s included in your life changing experience: The Number one thing guests love about our residential fitness and weight loss program is the variety of activities and the results!

    • Warm and friendly instructors.
    • All trainers are First Aid Trained.
    • Two coaches with you at all times to cater for different abilities.
    • Pre and Post-camp fitness evaluation which includes weight, metabolic age, fat %, muscle mass, muscle strength and endurance and cardiovascular assessment.
    • Stunning views from our exercise sala.
    • Organic farm
    • Muay Thai technique sessions
    • Visit to an authentic Muay Thai Gym where we have arranged for some Thai trainers and fighters to take you for a great training session.
    • Yoga and stretching
    • Pilates 
    • Mountain bike cycle day adventure.
    • Cultural delights of Chiang Mai – elephant reserve or Tiger Kingdom, Buddhist temple, Huay Kao Lake and nature reserve and the Mai Si waterfall.
    • Cardio tennis.
    • Morning power walks through pretty Thai villages, past rice paddy fields and a charming pink temple.
    • Cross-fit style workouts 
    • TRX workouts
Program Fitness Program Bootcamp Group Photo
  • Aqua classes and pool games
  • Sunbathing
  • Boot camp circuits on our on site purpose-built exercise track nestled in the mango and bamboo grove.
  • Doi Suthhep Temple challenge. Climb the 350 steps and at the top take in the spectacular views of Chiang Mai and the enchanting temple.
  • Kettle bells
  • Strength training
  • High Intensity Interval training 
  • Fun boot camp inspired activates including tyre flips, tyre drags and low ropes. Lots of surprises too!
  • Extreme frizby
  • Swim and Sauna at the Shangri la 5 * hotel before our farewell dinner in downtown Chiang Mai.
  • Shopping and have a massage at the famous night bizarre market in down town Chiang Mai.
  • Stunning resort in an idyllic location.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 3 foot or Thai massages, 3 fat busting saunas.
  • Air conditioned luxury accommodation.
  • 3 healthy clean meals a day, electrolyte drinks and daily health snacks and bottled water
  • Educational information daily into your in-box
  • Round trip airport transfer from Chiang Mai International Airport.
Stunning Walks Authentic Muay Thai Session Massages Peace Time

During our fitness and weight loss program, you will be active for most of the day, and this is why our results are outstanding. But we balance the activity with stretching and softer sessions like aqua, yoga and pilates.

Because it’s YOUR fitness holiday, we respect the fact that you might want to take time out, which is perfectly cool with us. We will, of course, encourage you to take part in everything but we have a safe and supportive environment where you can opt out of sessions if you want.

Sessions start at 2.00pm on the first Friday and finish at 11am on the last Friday. Our fitness boot camp finishes with a congratulatory breakfast together with a look forward to your continued new healthier lifestyle.

If it’s not possible for you to start on a Friday, then you can start our fitness boot camp on a day that suits your schedule. Furthermore, guests that don’t need to lose weight but are looking for a fitness getaway can choose healthy food from our al carte menu. Our trainers will certainly help you with your individual health and fitness goals.

Please feel free to stay and use the resorts facilities once your boot camp holiday is over.

You can also come earlier or stay later and we will make the necessary arrangements for you. There are many cultural attractions close to the resort which many of our guests take advantage of once their healthy holiday is over.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee specific results and results vary from person to person. Please visit our Trip Advisor page to see what our guests are saying.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, intensive training with very diverse activities. I am happily surprised at how much difference a single week of bootcamp makes!
- Josianne Robb February 2016