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One Month Boot Camp Success At Fresh Start

one month boot camp success at Fresh Start

Chris came to see us from the UK for a one month boot camp. His goals were to lose weight, get fit and get a Fresh Start.

Read what he had to say at the end of each week during his one month boot camp experience here at the Fresh Start fitness and weight loss camp for adults.

Chris attended a one month boot camp

The end of the monks trail

At the end of a 7 day fitness boot camp, Chris said this –

”In my first week I lost 7.4 Kilograms, amazing! I cannot believe it but I couldn’t have done it without Richard and Pump’s help and encouragement, Superb! I also knocked off 2 minutes from my cross-fit test times! The programme is hard but very enjoyable and I reached so many senses of achievement especially the monks trail walk, which was probably the hardest session of the week. Most enjoyable was Muay Thai. Roll on the next week three weeks! Once again thanks to Richard and Pump
P.S. Also the help and encouragement from the group was brilliant




At the end of  a 2 week fitness boot camp Chris said this-

This was my second week of four. Anton/Ekk were brilliant trainers. The sessions were hard but fun and Ive achieved amazing results for myself. This is a great bootcamp! Both weeks have been very good and the different trainers make it different from week to week. Really enjoying it but its hard too which is what I needed. Very pleased with my weight loss in the two weeks. 7.4kg week 1 3.2kg week 2 plus beat my beep test and crossfit test times. Brilliant thank you Anton and Ekk. No improvements needed!


No 1 fitness bootcamp transformation

Life changing transformation

At the end of his one month boot camp Chris said this –

I signed up for 4 weeks and my god what a brilliant bootcamp! I cant praise all the trainers and assistants enough. Absolutely fantastic results for me personally. I lost 13.6 kgs in 4 weeks, unreal! The attitude of all the trainers (Richard, Anton, Tawun, Jez, Pump, Ekk, and Kitty) was exceptional. They push you hard, but that’s what I needed. Each week was different and very enjoyable and I cant believe how much fitter I got. My personal highlight was my 2nd attempt at the monks trail, assisted by Jez and Ekk. I knocked off about 30min off my previous time. I also loved the retro running. There are no negatives. Thank you everyone, I will be back.

Weight loss 13.6 kgs, and lost 3.4% body fat and 16.4cms off waist width in 4 week.

Chris Earls, 3 February – 3 March 2017, United Kingdom



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Chris’s one month boot camp Video review of Fresh Start boot camp holiday vacation in Thailand!

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