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New Year, New You: Plan An Exercise Boot Camp

New Year, New You: Plan an Exercise Boot Camp

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Louise here from ‘It’s My Fresh Start ‘ exercise boot camp holiday in Thailand. Richard and I would like to wish all our readers and past guests a very happy and healthy 2016. We are passionate about inspiring people to be healthier and happy. We believe health and happiness go hand in hand. Exercise and healthy eating makes you feel vibrant and gives you the energy to enjoy life. So let’s look at new year resolutions.

Society is split between those who make resolutions and those who don’t. Many people think that resolutions are a waste of time, and that they are broken easily. Sadly for many people that is true. But why don’t you be the one to prove them all wrong? You can be the one who follows through with your resolutions and looks and feels better for the effort.

Richard_Thomas_designer_of_the_Fresh_Start_Thailand_fitness_bootcampHere at Fresh Start we believe healthy eating is one of the most important factors in improving your lifestyle. We don’t believe in fad diets, or counting calories to make a difference. Simply swap all your processed, fast foods for fresh food. It is surprisingly easy to whip up a delicious stir fry, full of beneficial nutrients, and is so much better for you than that salty microwave meal full of additives and preservatives. Richard and I have thrown away our microwave. Eat organic where possible and enjoy fresher, clearer skin, improved energy levels and even better sleep.

However, if your new year’s resolution is to become more toned, or fitter, then you need to add an exercise element to your program. Regular exercise is an integral element to keeping you healthy. At this time of year, all the gyms in your area will be crammed full of people like you. These people who made a new year’s resolution to get fit. But don’t worry as the year goes on, it will be easier for you to get access to the weights, exercise bikes, treadmills and cross trainers. If you prefer to join in the exercise classes which I personally love, there are generally more places in March when the new years resolutions have faded a bit!

So have you got any new years resolutions? Would you like some easy ideas? Our advice is to make a few new manageable healthy lifestyle;e changes, things you can stick to. There is no point in  having unrealistic , unachievable goals which will set you up for failure.

Here are 5 easy and manageable healthy goals we think you stick to in 2016.

1. Commit to drinking a glass of water upon waking. To make this goals easier place the glass of water on your bed side table when you go to bed and drink it as soon as you get up.

2. Try a new exercise activity that you have never done before. New experiences are exciting and stimulating.

3. Give up fizzy drinks. Fizzy drinks have a huge detrimental affect on health. Change your fizzy drink for water or cold herbal teas. Try water infused with sliced lemon/cucumber with a sprig of mint.

4. Walk more. Walking can help you maintain a healthy weight. Being outside in nature will lift your spirits, help to clear your mind and get fresh air in your lungs.

5. As we mentioned earlier, ditch the microwave. There are lots of scientific evidence out there to prove microwaves aren’t good for our health.

BootcampA great new years resolution would be booking yourself onto an exercise boot camp. These fun, informative holidays can help kick-start your fitness regime, or boost one that is lacking motivation. You can pick up some helpful tips and tricks to keep you on track in both your exercise and healthy eating program.

And to really encourage you to try your best, take your exercise boot camp to another level by booking with us and traveling to Thailand. There is nothing more motivating and energizing than leaving behind your stressful day-to-day life and visiting one of the world’s best tourist destinations, Chaing Mai. Get fit and healthy in stunning surroundings with top instructors and friendly advisers. You will be surprised at how revitalized and re-energized you will feel. We get people from all over the World and it is a safe and supportive environment to meet like-minded people all looking for a fresh start.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

New year’s resolutions are easily broken, but with the right approach they can be a useful tool to encourage and motivate weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Forget fad diets and calorie counting; all you need is a healthier approach eating the right kinds of food and participating in exercise programs that you will enjoy. Our exercise boot camp will give you the opportunity to travel to the beautiful Chiang Mai in Thailand. Chiang Mai is regularly voted as amongst the top tourist destinations in the world. Sun, scenery and exercise help you make resolutions that last.


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