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New Year Fitness Tips

New Year Fitness Tips

Our foolproof guide to making 2017 your fittest year

New Year Fitness TipsIt’s that time of the year again when we focus on New Year’s resolutions and make fitness the star of them all. Unfortunately, most people who make health and fitness a part of their New Year’s resolution, quit before it’s even Easter, the main reason being lack of proper planning.

This year, we want to treat you all with a plan designed for your long-term success, not only for 2017, but for several years to come. Our goal is to ensure that you make fitness a lifestyle choice for happiness and good health, rather than a short-term weight fix.

If you’re excited about the coming year as much as we are, keep reading New Year Fitness Tips to find out what you can do to make your New Year’s fitness resolution a dream come true.

1. Create a foolproof plan

Even if you wholeheartedly stick to a workout plan for a few days, chances are you’ll fall back if you don’t prepare a plan and stick to it. The reality is that life happens and we all get busy with work and relationships. Therefore, first ask yourself, when can you exercise? Come up with three days that are convenient for you to exercise, with no excuses.

You must also ask yourself, what type of exercise will you enjoy? It’s important that you forget about the latest fads and what everybody else is doing and come up with a workout that your schedule, wallet and body will allow. It’s almost 2017 and there are already hundreds of workouts out there to choose from. You can pick from a myriad of dance forms (such as zumba and ballet) or even kickboxing, yoga, basketball, tennis, skating, weightlifting, swimming, running… the list goes on.

New Year Fitness TipsThird, figure out how much time you can spend per session. If you’re a beginner, you can start with as little as 10 minutes per workout and slowly build it up every week.

2. Join a friend

With millions of people making fitness a part of their new year’s resolution every year, chances are you have at least one friend who wants to begin working out in 2017 too. Having a partner not only triples your chances of success, it’s also heaps of fun.
Pick workouts that you will both enjoy and hold each other accountable. There will be times when you don’t feel like abandoning the comfort of your bed but knowing that your partner is waiting for you will motivate you and ensure that you stick to a solid workout routine.

3. Make SMART goals

New Year Fitness TipsUse goals as a measure of your progress. Just knowing that you want to be fitter in 2017 is not enough. If you don’t know your goals, you’ll never be close to success – because you don’t know what success really means to you. Does it mean fitting into your old jeans, or being able to run a 5K by summer?

While making goals, it is important to make sure they’re SMART:

• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Timely

A simple example of a SMART goal is: “To prepare for the 5K coming up in July, I will run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, 3 days a week.” This can be made even more specific by determining what days of the week you’ll run, at what time, whether you want to run indoors or outdoors, or both etc., what your pre-run meal with consist of etc.

4. Question your motives

New Year Fitness TipsWhen we talk about goals, being too superficial may not contribute to a foolproof plan. You may want six-pack abs, but it important to understand that a steady workout routine will give you some nice abs anyway. Most people who come up with superficial goals, often feel less pumped after weeks of exercise and diet.

Therefore, try making fitness your path to happiness, good health and positivity. Exercising regularly is proven to result in a plethora of benefits, from lowering cholesterol and risk chronic diseases to boosting energy levels and happiness. An attractive body is a byproduct of working out regularly.

Having deeper intentions towards your workouts can help ensure that you stick to your goals and make fitness a lifestyle choice. Keep asking yourself why you started before hitting the gym. Stimulating emotional responses related to your workouts is a great way of keeping you motivated all year long.

5. Be forgiving

Understand that not a single person on this planet has had a perfect path towards success. You will stumble, but it is important not to abandon your fitness dreams. Therefore, don’t let a few minor slip-ups, come in the way of your success. You may reach your goals slower, but at least you’re not giving up!

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Here at Thailand Fitness Bootcamp, your health and happiness are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, every year, we are on a quest to developing the most effective and exciting diet and fitness plans for you, making your fitness dreams a reality.

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