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New Health And Fitness Trends For 2014

New health and fitness trends for 2014

A very happy and healthy new year to you all. We wish all our past and future customers an abundance of health and happiness for the year ahead. So it’s a new year and potentially a new you a fresh start is on the horizon. Have you mentally complied a new years resolutions list? Mine is to try out some new fitness workouts. Do you need some inspiration? If you do then we are hoping our ‘ health and fitness trends for 2014’ article can help. Read on to find out more. With obesity levels rocketing worldwide due to high sugar Westernised diets, there is an increasing emphasis on trying to get fit and healthy. Every year there are new diets, health plans and exercise regimes released on a daily basis, offering different methodology but all with the goal of combating the bulge and promoting vitality. So which are the best ways to get fit and healthy and what is going to be en vogue in 2014? Here are our top 3 favourites!

1.The juicing frenzy continues

Recent times have witnesses increasing emphasis on diet and one beneficiary of this has been the juicing market. The sales of juicers have increased exponentially as people are looking to boost their antioxidant and vitamins and minerals intake through raw natural vegetables and fruits. This looks set to continue as there is further exposure to the importance of consuming a high quality diet. Jason Vale has become the super star of the juicing community and the go to guy for all things juicy! His latest book is now available. Here is the link to his wonderful and colourful web site Juicing is most commonly incorporated into a current diet plan, but has also been used as a quick fix weight loss program and ‘reset button’. Some have completed several days of simply juicing to reset their body’s hormones, detoxify and lose weight in the process. As people embrace a quick fix to their problem, juicing cleanses look set to rise in 2014. So what juicer would I personally recommend? Well it is the small but very powerful L’Eqip 215 XL juicer. It really is a nifty little juicer which offers a really fast and efficient way of giving your body a super-dose of vitamins and minerals to super charge you entire system.

2.HITT just gets harder and harder

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) looks sure to be a major exercise trend of 2014. Research in recent years has highlighted the effectiveness for weight loss and fitness of undertaking HIIT compared to traditional low intensity aerobic exercise. It involves short bursts of maximal output of energy which result in the build-up of lactic acid. i.e. 10 sets of 20 second sprints with a 40 second rest between sets HIIT elicited a response from fat burning hormones and is becoming increasingly adopted by elite athletes. With exposure to their training plans and schedules in fitness magazines and the like, this method of exercise with become more common in the forthcoming year. Look for the Insanity DVD series, Les Mills Grit classes at your local health centre and Cross Fit gyms all across the World. Group classes look set to gain further popularity next year. Spinning, Body Pump. Attack and other classes are often full to the rafters at local gyms as people look to combine getting fit and healthy with socialising and working out with others with a similar goal.

3.Go Bonkers for a fitness bootcamp in 2014!

The number of fitness boot camps is expanding rapidly, and their popularity is only set to grow in 2014.

two men doing exercise at the Thailand fitness bootcamp

Outdoor Thailand Bootcamp

With the majority of these camps being located in Asia, the appeal is there for all to see. Low cost, idyllic views and the chance to get fit and healthy? It is a no brainer, but the benefits of these fitness boot camps can extend well beyond the aesthetics and potential to save a bit of money in the quest for fitness. Fitness boot camps provide a blend of exercise, like minded individuals and importantly a balanced, nutritious and additive free diet.  They often offer a strand of relaxation in the form of yoga and/or meditation which can be essential for healthy minds which can be stressed by modern lifestyles. The major benefit of fitness boot camps is that customers are in an environment where everyone has the same goal. With exercise schedules built into daily plans and the meals generally being controlled, those who attend regularly lose significant amounts of unwanted weight and improve their fitness significantly. The healthy diets that are offered help to reduce cravings which are brought on by modern diets and the result is individuals who wish to maintain the changes they have made upon completing the boot camps. Camps can range in duration generally from 7-28 days and can be used as a revitalising holiday, without breaking the bank. What ever you try to improve you health we applaud you! Remember small manageable steps is the secret to health success. Incorporating life long changes is the key! Changes need to be first thought, then carried out and adhered to, so they become habitual, like brushing your teeth. It’s time to lay down those healthy foundations. 2014 is going to be a great year, the start of a new dawn, enjoy the journey!

Co'founders of the Thailand fitness bootcamp

Richard and Louise

Warmest wishes Louise x Louise Thomas is Co- Founder of the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday bootcamp in Thailand. She runs the camp with her husband Richard and there team of amazing instructors. Their bootcamp is located in the quaint rural village of Mae Ann, Chiang Mai which is in Northern Thailand. Their camp is now 4 years old and you can visit them all year round as the camps run 365 days of the year!

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