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New Fitness Trends 2018

New fitness trends 2018

new fitness trends 2018Fitness is an ever-changing landscape of gizmos, devices, and fads. While 2017 was dominated by the latest in personal fitness gadgets and apps as well a high intensity training which has been the staple of gyms for several years, 2018 is shaping up to be quite different. Hitting the gyms and shaping up will be high on many people’s New Year’s resolution list and to those people, the easiest way to lose the pounds is to build exercise into your daily routine. Like brushing your teeth, eating, or going to work, if you schedule in exercise every day, you’ll inevitably stick with it longer. Here’s our predictions for new fitness trends 2018.

Fitness will become more fun

We think the days of individual, hard exercise are numbered. In 2018, fitness will become more fun with an emphasis on play and games in groups. Let’s face it. Exercising on your own can be boring at best. The motivation of others and the competitive edge of group sports can be hugely beneficial in keeping on top of your fitness regime and actually making it an enjoyable pastime.

new fitness trends 2018Family fitness

With this group and competitiveness driven exercise in mind, family fitness will increase. Working together as a family team, whether it’s in boot camps or body building sessions, will become more popular. With working schedules pushing many to the limit, family fitness can be a great way to schedule in both exercise and time with the family.

Fitness vacations

There are already plenty of fitness vacations that one can book. Everything from tennis holidays to boot camps abroad are already just a click away. 2018 will see the rise of even more of these trips with the difference being an emphasis on immersing yourself in the culture and cuisine while keeping fit. We’ll also see more exotic fitness vacations. Ever thought about jogging to a temple? How about cycling past the paddy fields in Asia?

New fitness trends 2018 will see a change in technology

new fitness trends 2018Over the last few years there’s been somewhat of a surge in all things techie, particularly wearable technology which tracks data on your performance and progress. Though it’s predicted that 2018 will see a pushback against much of this technology, one which will see traction is the rise in live-streaming classes. They’ve been around for a while, but up until today, working out in front of a screen that’s beaming live coaching from personal trainers hasn’t quite caught on. It’s thought that will change this year.

Fasting for fitness

It’s first worth mentioning that if you are going to fast, consult your doctor before doing so. That said, fasting, perhaps spurred on by the media, nutritionists and celebs, will quickly become the hottest new fitness trend of 2018. Managed in a carefully balanced way, fasting can be an excellent way to make your metabolism work harder for you.

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