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Most Popular Fitness Apps To Try Right Now

Most popular Fitness Apps to Try Right Now

Most popular Fitness Apps to Try Right Now

If you’re getting ready to start a new fitness plan, suffering with low motivation, or even just looking for something fun and new, try these most popular fitness apps. They’ll help you stay on track, remind you when to work out, and help you monitor your progress along the way. Grab your smartphone or tablet…you’re going to want to try these today!


most popular fitness appsThis fitness app knows you’re too busy to spend hours at the gym, or even go to the gym! Fear not, you can still get a quality workout to help you reach your goals. With workouts as short as five minutes that don’t require a gym, Sworkit eliminates the excuse “I don’t have time.” This is our most popular fitness app!

Now you can workout while you’re traveling, while the baby is sleeping, or even while you’re waiting on dinner to finish in the oven. Your phone or tablet can become your personal trainer. To help accommodate all goals and fitness levels, Sworkit is available in several different versions with specific goals.

  • Sworkit Lite—a good all around app that will help you find quick workouts to keep things interesting.
  • Sworkit Pro—allows you to develop custom workouts
  • Sworkit Ab & Core—focuses on…you guessed it…you’re abs and core
  • Butt Sworkit—get your butt in shape, literally!
  • Stretching Sworkit—great for active rest days and improving flexibility
  • Lower Body Sowrkit—focuses on your thighs, hips, and legs
  • Upper Arm Sworkit—tone those arms for summer time fashion!
  • Cardio Sworkit—get your cardio in anytime, anywhere. A great addition to any of the strength training sworkits.

Sworkit is also budget friendly, with most of the versions being completely free. Sworkit is available on both iOS and Android.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs

most popular fitness appsIf you’ve been looking for a way to tone your core and develop a six pack, this is it! You can choose programs that vary in length from ten days to nearly a month. Each program helps you develop a strong, toned core by progressing each time you complete a workout on the program.

One thing to keep in mind with these programs is that abs are ultimately made in the kitchen. No matter how much you work your core, you won’t have visible abs unless you carefully watch your diet and reduce your overall body fat, but when you do get rid of that excess body fat—you’ll want your core to be toned!

WOD Deck of Cards

There’s a saying that variety is the spice of life….and this app gives it to you! When you download the app, it is preset with each suite in the deck of cards representing a specific exercise, such as kettle ball swings, but you have the option to customise what you want the exercise to be, based on the equipment you have available and your fitness level.

When you press start, a timer begins so you can see how long you have been doing the exercise. To move on to the next randomly selected exercise, just tap the screen. This is a great way to keep your body and mind guessing about what you will be doing next. Since you can adjust the exercises in the list, you can use this app endlessly to help you with your fitness routine.

WOD Deck of Cards is free on both iOS and Android.


most popular fitness appsLooking for motivation during your workout? Endomondo is the app for you (iOS and Android). This app allows you to keep track of personal records and will even let you know when you’re about to make to one and once you’ve accomplished one. It will also let you know if you need to pick up the pace on a walk or run. You can keep track of your workout duration, distance, and pace all in one spot utilising endomondo. This app isn’t just for walking though! You can select virtually any type of workout or sport from badminton to yoga.

Other great features include the ability to connect with friends, make workout commitments to hold yourself accountable, or even select on of many training plans to help you get fit. You can also view your workout history to see how far you’ve come, or where you lost your motivation along the way.

Strava Cycling and Running

most popular fitness appsIf cycling is your sport, you’ve probably noticed there isn’t much in the way of apps to help you with your goals or track your progress. Starve has stepped up to benefit cyclist, and runners, everywhere.

Using this app, you can map your workout via GPS location, even utilising prorated maps you create or you find that other people have posted. Starve will track your pace, distance, calories burned, and even your elevation.

If you have a competitive side, you can watch your score climb on the leaderboard as you complete your workouts and you can follow your friends activity as well.

Looking for even more features? Strava offers a premium subscription you can either pay yearly or monthly. The premium version includes leaderboard stats such as age and weight, distance, pace, and daily progress and even offers discounts on premium workout gear. Free on both iOS and Android!

Charity Miles

A revolutionary way to get fit and do a good deed at the same time. Utilising charity miles, you can help donate money to a charity you select, just by logging your miles. Open the app before you head out on your walk, run, or cycling route. It’s that simple! The app is free and you aren’t required to give any money, just to log your time.
If you select an indoor activity, you will need to activate motion sensing and carry your phone on your body in order for the workout to log properly. If you’re outside, it will also utilise GPS technology to help log your workout. If you like taking pictures, there is a section that lets you enter a picture as part of the workout to store in your workout history.

As you progress through your workout, you are able to see the impact you are having for the charity you selected. You can’t beat that for motivation!

We know these are just a few of the most popular fitness apps out there. What are your favourites? We are especially interested if they aren’t listed here! Come to our Facebook page or find us on twitter to share the apps you use on your journey—maybe it will help inspire someone else’s journey!

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