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Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

The journey to a healthy lifestyle must begin with establishing a foundation of mindful eating, providing the body with the nutrients and resources that it needs in order to become a sustainable and energetic platform for the mind and spirit. Mindful eating allows one to be able to focus on the present moment, acknowledging both your own body as well as beyond, to the environment and sustainability of food crops from throughout the community and the world.

According to the Harvard Health Publication, a mindful-eating diet becomes centered on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils; in addition to a balance of nutrients, being mindful in eating means that an individual becomes fully attentive to food in an entire process from purchase, to preparation, to consumption. A process of combining mindful eating to an equally focused fitness program can help provide tremendous results. But how does one begin to eat mindfully, and perhaps more importantly, how does one form mindful eating as a habit that will continue developing a healthy lifestyle for many years to come? You can achieve elevation to a higher level of consciousness in mind, body and spirit by attuning yourself with the help of mindful eating.

Ph.D of Neuroscience, and foodist Darya Rose, has developed several concepts to help individuals embark and stay successful on their mindful eating journey, from chewing more slowly to being able to identify ingredients in every meal. According to Dr. Rose, there are multiple concepts to help individuals to become mindful in eating and can help others to become more healthy in his or her life.

Mindful EatingPutting food on a plate

So many fast-food chains and quick-service restaurants allow individuals to essentially eat from a bag, without ever placing food on a plate, often tricking the eyes into thinking that more food is needed to satisfy the stomach. It may seem outlandish or too obvious, but by placing any food on a plate before eating, the size proportion and ability to consciously become aware of how much food will be ingested, becomes realized.

Chew 25 Times

As identified in a recent health study, increased chewing activity becomes a useful tool in combating obesity, helping to reduce food intake in study participants by over 11 percent in some cases. So, how many chews are appropriate per bite of food? The more chews, the better, but at least 20 chews per bite of food is recommended, with 25 chews per bite being ideal. As a helpful reminder or motivator in being able to increase chewing activity as a part of mindful eating, individuals can think to themselves that for every increase in chewing, the less overall food intake will occur, creating a more beneficial and healthy outcome.

Identifying Every Ingredient in a Meal

A distinguished palate will not only get one recognized in the culinary world, or as a more creative home cook, but it will also help one to become a more mindful eater. By developing the habit of attempting to taste and identify all different ingredients in a meal, mindful eaters are able to become focused on the present moment and what they are ingesting in his or her body as a component of a balanced diet.

Eating in Silence

Based on the Buddhist/Zen theory, one of the most challenging recommendations as a part of becoming a mindful eater is that of eating in silence. In a world with technology readily available and spouses and family running hectic through the house, it can be a challenge, but also highly rewarding to be able to eat in silence. By putting away the distractions and limiting sensations outside of the taste and smell of the food directly in front of an individual, mindful eating can become more of a possibility, with focus on the moment at hand.

Mindful eating is one part of an entire process of becoming more mindful in body and spirit. The journey to developing a healthy lifestyle or a journey of weight loss can be impacted at multiple levels, but a foundation of positive nutrition and resources can propel individuals further at a highly efficient rate.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

There are many times at our health and fitness retreat to experience and practice mindful eating, so please get in touch if your goals are to get on track with your health. Here at our Thailand Fitness Bootcamp, we would love to help and inspire you to reach the pinnacle of health in both mind and body, combined with an inner peace and calm. Mindful eating is at the foundation to achieving this goal.










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