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Military Coup In Thailand Guest Update May 2014

Military Coup In Thailand Guest Update May 2014

Louise and Richard, the founders of Fresh Start would like take this opportunity to discuss the current military coup in Thailand and it’s history of coups, and reassure all of our boot-campers that the current situation does not in any way affect any of our scheduled fitness or weight loss boot camps.

What’s Happened

Thailand has experienced a huge amount of military coups, both attempted and successful, throughout its history, ranging from 1932 to 2006, and today’s current military coup declared by Army chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha on May 22nd.

In the 82 years since the first coup in 1932, only 12 coups have been successful (including today’s), with 7 attempted coups failed.

The last coup in 2006 was held without violence and the military officers are relatively non-aggressive people. It has to be said that the press also like to over exaggerate a situation.

Today’s coup has imposed a curfew between the hours of 22:00 and 05:00. The authorities have also advised that the curfew will not affect those traveling to and from the airport, and to advise that all travelers should have on their person their passports and tickets.

Last week's bootcampers at Huay Tung Tao LakeReassurance

1. We can confirm that all of our scheduled boot-camps are still taking place.

2. We are delighted to announce that all of our current guests are thoroughly happy with their fitness boot camp experience and are being looked after by our world class boot-camp instructors.

3. The current imposed curfew doesn’t affect our boot-camp because we are safely snuggled up in our comfy beds at the spa resort by 22:00 each and every night.

For further information about the current coup and travel advice please visit Thailand’s Foreign Travel Advice. 

Currently the FCO Travel advice is that it is OK to travel to Thailand apart from a few areas of the country.

We will endeavor to keep you posted with regular updates on the current situation.

Wishing you a lovely fun filled weekend from the Fresh Start team.

Louise and Richard, the founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard, the founders of Fresh Start

Stay fit and healthy from Louise and Richard Thomas at the Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp.

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