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May’s Happening At Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

May’s happening at Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

May’s happening at Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

May’s happening at Fresh StartMay has been another great month here at Fresh Start Thailand fitness bootcamp. The rainy season and kicked into full swing brining the forests back to life after a few months of dryness and freshening up the air. Please don’t worry about the rain if you are thinking of joining us in the rainy season. The good news is it doesn’t rain all day! It normally rains in short refreshing bursts in the afternoon, evening or night time. So sometimes you don’t even realise it’s rained as it happened while you were sleeping!

The famous temple dog Colin is still joining Fresh Start for one or two days after Tuesday’s 14km walk. This month also saw the testing of a new team games game that works on agility and quick reactions where the bootcamp guests had the opportunity to use the trainers as target practice with tennis balls! Assistant trainer, Ekk was used as a guinea pig for this new game.

May’s biggest weight loss losers

Now it’s time to show some of the past months achievements. This month Tiegan from ­­­­­ Melbourne, Australia swooped all the awards and has managed to lose a mammoth ­­­­10.5 kgs and lost 16.5 CM’s off her waist width with her time with us so far. Well done to Tiegan for the hard work you put in so far and as she has a few more days with us the results will get even better!! It has been amazing to see Tiegan’s fitness transform during her time here so far and we hope you can continue to see improvements and reach goals along your health and fitness journeys.

Highlight of a Fresh Start Activity is Kettle bell

For those that are unfamiliar with Kettle bell’s here is a quick introduction. If you have never or used seen a kettle bell before imagine a relatively small bowling ball with a suitcase handle and there you have it. The kettle bell was invented in Russia in the 18th century and were originally used as a counter weight to measure grain and other goods. The Kettle bell than became adopted as a way to measure strength among Russian men and this is something our Trainer Anton is very proud of.

The main difference to a kettle bell and a dumbbell is that the kettle bell’s off cantered weight will force you to use more stabilising muscles and works the targeted muscles through a wider range of motion. When performing kettle bell exercises it is important to use correct form to reduce the chance of injury. If you are new to kettle bell exercises we suggest using lighter weights first then moving on to heavier weights once the form is perfected.

May 2017 news Thailand fitness bootcampBenefits of Kettle bell workouts

Kettle bell’s can be used to strengthen and tone most of the muscles in the body, since it engages many different muscles at the same time (in particular the core muscles) giving you a complete body workout. Not all kettle bell exercises work multiple muscle groups. Some exercises comprise of isolated movements used to train specific muscle groups.

Kettle bell can also help you lose weight, improve flexibility and your endurance. Lastly another benefit is the kettle bell is a small piece of equipment that enables you to get a full body workout using a small space and without the need to head out and go to a fitness gym.

At Fresh Start Holiday Bootcamp, Kettle bells sessions are taught every Saturday and are also included in certain exercises during circuit training.


For more information on Kettle bell workouts and exercise ideas have a look at these useful links

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