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How Do We Create Healthy Habits?

How do we create healthy habits?

5 ways to develop healthy eating habits

healthy eatinghealthy eating habitsHaving healthy habits does not revolve around strict dietary limitations nor is it synonymous to being “thin.” In fact, the key to developing healthy eating habits, and more importantly, sticking to them is to feel great about what you’re eating and practicing in your day to day life. Thousands of people around the world keep healthy eating as their New Year’s resolution but fall back to their old eating habits in a matter of days. However, what is the magic potion that gives the person you see on the internet a healthier, more confident and fitter after picture? The answer is simpler and far less expensive than you’d imagine but it’s not a quick-fix protocol. Keep reading if you want to get into the “healthy habits for life” bandwagon:

How do we create healthy eating habits1. Set super specific goals. Know the what, why, when and how’s.

You can’t expect to have a healthy lifestyle with a goal that only entails “eating healthy”. Ask yourself these questions: • How do I start eating healthy? • Will doing so and so keep me happy for the next 30 days? • Can I be happy if I eliminate sugar/salt/refined foods for life? If yes/no, why? • What are the foods I should eat less of and what would make an adequate replacement that will keep me satisfied? • Do I have night time cravings? How can I avoid having a slice of chocolate cake in the fridge? Make a list of questions in a journal, your computer or a journal app and answer each of them to yourself. See if each of the answers you finally come up with makes you happy. One trick that will help you stick to a healthy habit is having one specific goal at a time. • Want to cut down sugar? Halve the amount of sugar you add your coffee and then halve that the next week. Do this with your other drinks and you’ll get used to having less sugar in everything else. Similarly, you can try replacing sugar with coconut sugar, banana, honey or dates to sweeten your drinks or desserts. We tried making no-bake dark chocolate bars with dark chocolate, ground nuts and dates and we haven’t looked back. • Want to drink less coffee? Reduce your intake to one cup a day and have green tea or a smoothie at other times. • Want to avoid white rice? Replace it with brown rice.

How do we create healthy eating habits photo2. Be encouraging to yourself

Throw away your weighing scale if it makes you too self-conscious each time you use it. Your weight is bound to experience changes throughout the day and throughout your fitness journey – using it as a measure for your health is only going to lead to failure. Similarly, do not expect change to be immediate and dramatic. If you’re going to view health as only something physical or what you see in the mirror, chances are you’ll look for quick fixes (unhealthy). Look in the mirror, stand taller and be confident. Give yourself a gold star or treat yourself to a new outfit sometimes when you manage to complete a milestone or reach a goal. Be body positive and do not hold grudges with your own body.

3. Utilize triggers

How do we create healthy eating habitsTriggers will help you trick your brain into doing something in auto drive. For example, the first thing most of us do in the morning is brush our teeth and it’s just second nature to us. Make eating healthy and working out second nature. Commit yourself to meditating after breakfast, and you’ll do it without thinking twice. Other examples include, placing your workout clothes on your bed every morning, laying your yoga mat unrolled next to your bed, getting rid of chips, cookies etc. from visible areas in your pantry (or better yet, getting rid of them altogether) and making an array of gorgeous colourful fruits and veggies easily accessible to you.

4. Become a morning person

Unless you have late night obligations, becoming a morning person is only going to work to your advantage. We’ve come across many night owls and they only talk about how energized and motivated they feel once they develop a productive morning routine. Your willpower is highest in the morning, so try waking up one hour earlier in How do we create healthy eating habits photothe morning and keep doing this until you’re able to wake up at 6 am. Your morning routine can involve doing yoga, preparing the meals for the day or listening to podcasts while you go for a morning walk/run.

5. Keep it going for 30 days

Carry out these healthy habits for 30 days straight and try your best to keep it going without a break in the chain. Mark an X on your calendar or give yourself a gold star each day to fulfil your set milestone for the day. Doing something for 30 days straight will help you stick to a habit and understand how good it is for you.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Thailand fitness bootcamp is on a quest to educate everyone on the endless benefits of positive, healthy living. Body positivity, self-encouragement and feeling great about oneself are integral parts of our agenda along with a wide array of healthy eating choices and fitness plans. Feel to drop us a line or join our bootcamp to kickstart a fun and energetic fitness journey.

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