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Healthy Holidays In Thailand

Healthy holidays in Thailand

Healthy holidays in Thailand

healthy holiday in ThailandIf you’re looking to recharge the batteries and balance the mind and body, there are few places better than Thailand. Healthy holidays are a growing trend in the South East Asian country and for good reason – year-round hot weather, achingly beautiful scenery, and hidden retreats all make for transformative effects on your wellbeing, plus they’ll never break the bank. It doesn’t matter if you want a health conscience bootcamp that focuses on losing weight, yoga and meditation on the island beaches, or nutrition and detox holidays, it all happening over in the Land of Smiles. Here’s out rundown of the best places for a healthy holiday in Thailand.

Yoga at Chiva Som

Yoga is growing in popularity around the world, but the practising the ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice at the luxurious wellness resort in Thailand’s southern city of Hua Hin is a far cry from the boxy studios back home. Here, you can learn to calm the mind and learn a better sense of awareness in the leafy grounds of the retreat or on the beach. Depending on your taste and budget, you can either opt for daily group sessions or private one-on-one tuition. It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga newbie or a downward dog master, you’ll always discover something new to take home with you.

Fitness at Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

healthy holiday in ThailandWhile most travelers end up flopping on the beach and drinking too much, those in the know are combining a cultural holiday with a kick start to their fitness regime. The northern capital of Chiang Mai lies in the heart of Thailand’s lush mountains and is known for its temples. The more comfortable temperature and eye-wateringly beautiful landscape make for the perfect place for outdoor exercise. With Thailand Fitness Bootcamp, you’ll explore the surrounding region from the historical landmarks to the paddy field scenery on foot or bicycle, supported by a team of nationalists, coaches, and like-minded guests.

Detox at The Sanctuary

Nestled in a coconut grove next to a sweeping beach along Haad Tien Bay on Thailand’s Koh Phangan island, you’ll find The Sanctuary, an all-round health retreat opened in the late ‘80s. Away from the bustle of towns and the sounds of honking horns, a team of world-class coaches and teachers help guests through a delicious nutrition and detox program accompanied by workshops, meditation, and yoga. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months, you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed and revitalised when you leave.

Revitalise at TRIA Medical Wellness Centre

healthy holiday in ThailandWho said you had to head for the countryside or islands for a healthy holiday when you come to Thailand? In the heart of the capital Bangkok, you’ll find the TRIA Medical Wellness Centre, a private health retreat with a staggering array of treatments and programs. The luxurious centre offers everything from Japanese onsen pools to fitness facilities and everything in between accompanied by a team of acupuncturists, chiropractors and physio therapists. It’s a far cry from your normal health club with opulent lobbies and onsite gourmet restaurants.

Balance at Suryamuni Healing Center

Healthy holidays aren’t just about the body, they are also about getting the mind balanced. At the Suryamuni Healing Center, just a stone’s throw from the beach on Koh Samui island, you can clear your karma and get your chakras in check with a blend of morning meditation, daily prayers and clean vegetarian meals. During the three-day experience, you’ll be invited to join monks at the temple to further your spiritual journey and there’s enough time for cultural experiences and healthy eco tours during the afternoons.

This post was brought to you by Thailand Fitness Bootcamp, a training centre near the northern city of Chiang Mai in Thailand. The bootcamp provides high-intensity training programs mixed with cultural sightseeing and led by a passionate team of nationalists and coaches. Join one of the small-group healthy holidays to kick start your fitness regime, shed a few pounds and experience a slice of authentic Thailand while making new friends from around the world. All the transport, food, accommodation, coaching and visits to the local attractions are included, plus there’s often last-minute deals if you get in touch.

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