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Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot On The Earth

Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot On The Earth

Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot On The Earth

benefits of walking barefoot on the earth Walking barefoot on the earth has had a number of terms over many years such as ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’. However you wish to call it, the benefits of walking barefoot on the earth is something that can be embraced by all. This is something that takes very little practice and effort which can lead to great health benefits. The aim of earthing or grounding is for your feet and of course your whole body to make contact with the ground and be in tune with the electrons that are present in the surface. Read on to discover some of the benefits of walking barefoot on the earth.

Sleep Tight

Walking barefoot or Earthing has strong links with changing the electrical activity of the brain. These changes can lead to psychological alterations that improve the feelings of overall wellbeing and relaxation. With this in mind, excuse the pun, with just a few minutes of each day that your bare feet touch the earth’s surface you can induce a better sleep pattern and reduce bodily pain.


benefits of walking barefoot on the earthDue to the connections between the electrons in the earth’s surface and the human body eathing or grounding helps expose you to the opportunity to reduce stress. In this chaotic world of mobile phones, 9 to 5 working, deadlines and social media walking barefoot on the earth can change the electrical brain activity. Giving yourself time away from this modern high paced world to walk barefoot on the ground a few minutes during each day helps to contribute to a mindfulness state of the hear, now and reduce stresses.

Pain with Posture

Whether you’re physically active, exercise or sedentary bodily pain can very often be sourced to the way a person walks, their posture and the compound movements of key joints. In this modern high technological world shoes and trainers have been designed within an inch of its life to support peoples ‘gait’ and improve their posture when walking. All this money, technology and advertisement are spent on trainers which, ironically, are attempting to mimic walking barefoot.

This is because walking barefoot on the earth is the way nature intended you to walk. Any form of shoe by default automatically changes how you walk and how your feet ‘touch the ground’ impacting your posture and balance.

Allowing yourself to go barefoot and become in contact with the ground helps to restore your natural positioning and relive some of the pain that surrounds key muscle and joint deficiencies.


benefits of walking barefoot on the earthDue to our modern society we are entrenched in the idea that not wearing shoes will cause us pain and discomfort. However the benefits of walking barefoot on the earth start with developing your senses. Walking barefoot automatically tunes your mind and body into what’s around you, where am I, where can I step for example. Walking barefoot makes the individual more alert and aware of dangers when creating a path for themselves. Being mindful and present in the moment helps an individual become stronger minded as well as develop more robust stepping feet.

Natural Massage

The feet in many ways can be neglected in today’s society, especially in and out of so many different types of shoes and trainers with different heights. Walking barefoot on the earth can natural start to massage your feet, increase the surface blood cells and rid your feet of any unwanted dead skin. You can even find more stimulating routes yourself such as sand, pebbles and forestry walks that produce vital free flowing energy through your mind and body.

Muscle Mass

Wearing footwear, especially those designed for support and comfort, can actually have a negative impact on your muscle and bone supporting structure. Of course trainers may well have their place in society, however your ankle and foot joints may weaken due to the dependence they have on specially designed shoes.

Walking barefoot engages all of the key muscles, tendons and ligaments required to maintain good posture and balance. Strong and more toned muscles are developed due to their instant requirement to provide stability and support when walking barefoot. Earthing on a frequent basis over time develops stronger, leaner muscles that are more supple, agile, balanced and less prone to injury.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start

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