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Friday’s Blog On The Health Benefits Of Nuts!

Friday’s blog on the health benefits of nuts!

At Fresh Start we are nutty about nuts! So much so that as part of our boot-camp breakfast menu we serve almond milk with our muesli. Almond milk is an appropriate milk substitute for individuals on a heart-healthy detox diet, this is because it is lower in both fat and calories than reduced-fat cows milk. It also holds the added bonus of being supplemented with vitamins A, D and B12. I’ll drink to that! Now lets talk nuts…

Nuts are high in protein and associated with good health

The perfect snack for good health

If you’re interested in a tasty snack without the additional worries of risking your health, then why not pick something up from the nuts aisle in your local supermarket? With a wide range of peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and many more usually located just meters from the more typical snacks, you could enjoy a great tasting treat while look after your body in the process.

Nuts have often been associated with good health, although one suggestion for this is that they simply cut out the more calorific or fatty snacks from your diet. Usually bought in a small plastic pack, nuts can be conveniently placed in your bag or car for whenever hunger strikes. Nuts are also high in protein, the essential building blocks of your body. While this is great for improving lethargy or bodily aches, it also means that nuts are very filling. You could go for longer without giving in to sugary sweets or that one last chocolate biscuit, and save both the money and the negative health effects.

The high protein content in nuts also means they are a great food for vegetarians who may struggle to meet their daily protein requirement. A handful of peanuts supplies 9 grams of protein, a fifth of the recommended daily intake. Alongside foods like soya and quorn, this makes nuts an essential snack for vegetarians.

Not only do nuts offer you health benefits in terms of aiding weight loss, as they’ve also been proven to contribute to a healthy heart. We’ve all heard of omega-3 fatty acids, and as well as being found in the likes of fish and various plant oils, these are also abundant in most nuts, particularly walnuts. The NHS has stated that omega-3 fatty acids “can help maintain a healthy heart and reduce risk of heart disease”, making them a beneficial addition to your diet.

Can help maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of heart disease

Can help maintain a healthy heart

On top of omega-3’s, research by the Harvard Medical School has revealed the additional heart benefits of the mono- and polyunsaturated fats found in nuts. These have been found to greatly benefit our hearts; as has arginine, which is found in most nuts and could improve the function of blood vessels in the heart.

So, simply by cutting out the crisps and chucking away the chocolate, you could greatly improve your health by snacking on nuts instead. They could help you to eliminate potentially harmful fatty, sugary foods, which if consumed in excess can cause illnesses from diabetes to strokes or cancer. You’ll also be actively improving the function of your heart, and you don’t need a medical license to see the benefits of this!

To view the different varieties of nuts and their individual health benefits click here.




Louise Thomas, co-founder of Fresh Start

We hope that you have enjoyed reading all about the benefits of adding nuts to your diet to maintain good health, and all of us at the Fresh Start team wish you a lovely weekend.

To your very good health.

Louise Thomas

Fresh Start Thailand fitness boot camp

Fresh Start is a fitness, weight loss and wellness retreat set in the beautiful Chiang Mai countryside. Louise runs the camps with her husband Richard and their team of world class Fresh Start leaders. For more information about Fresh Start click here.




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