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Happy 5th Birthday Fitness Bootcamp

Happy 5th Birthday Fitness Bootcamp

Hill sprints at Fresh Start Thailand fitness holidayHappy New Year for 2015. A new year and a Fresh Start for what looks to be a fantastic year ahead. This year is a double celebration for us all here at the best Fitness Bootcamp in amazing Thailand.

Fresh Start Fitness Bootcamp Double Celebration

Why is it a double celebration, I hear you ask, well, January 2015 marks our Fresh Start Boot camp Thailand’s five year birthday, if we were a kid, we would be starting school soon! The years have certainly flown by; we have met some incredible people, made some great friends, experienced some of the happiest and challenging times of our lives and are going from strength to strength.

Even though we are now in our 5th year of business, our programme has remained pretty much the same but, continues to improve every month. We now include some great new classes and games, such as, Insanity classes, a high intensity interval training workout which smashes calories and gives an amazing fat busting workout that challenges strength, cardio and stamina. Ultimate Frisbee, this is a great team game which has you running around and having so much fun you won’t even know you are exercising. Cross fit work outs that will push you far beyond what you thought your body and mind could ever achieve. Circuit training classes that are always being upgraded and improved for a good old fashioned sweat filled workout, now incorporating X fit resistance bands, abs wheels and a whole host of state of the art equipment.

Fresh Start looks foward

As a look forward to 2015 we are going to include some more great activities and holistic extras, such as Soul Photo of the buddha and guests from Fresh Startplanning, which is a life purpose coaching session. Pelvic re-correction, which helps to realign your pelvis and correct your posture. Meditation classes which will help you find inner peace and calm the mind and spirit.
As we wave goodbye to 2014, with a tear in our eye and some fond memories locked away forever in our minds eye, I would like to reminisce if I may. Scott Cumming, who spent 9 weeks with us between September and November and lost an incredible life changing 25kg, this was Scott’s third time with Fresh Start, his before and after photographs posted on our web site speak for themselves, well done Scott. I would also like to say a big thank you to all of our guests who have graced us with their presence over 2014, I have learned so much from the diverse personalities from all over the world and from so many differing back grounds and cultures. It is always our greatest pleasure and enjoyment getting to know you all and chatting during the numerous power walks and activities while you were with us.

aqua and noodles of fun at Fresh Start

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp at the Spa Resort Chiang Mai We wish you all a very healthy and prosperous new year and hope to see you all again in the future. Have a very happy 2015. For our dates and prices please visit Fresh Start Fitness bootcamp booking page.

Richard, Louise and the Fresh Start Team.

It’s the new year so why not fit in a Fresh Start with Louise and Richard. Their truly proffessional bootcamp holiday could be just the tonic you are looking for. Escape the urban environement and immerse yourself in the magic of Thailand.

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