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Get Fitter And Healthier Like A Health Superhero!

Get Fitter and Healthier Like A Health Superhero!

be your very own health superheroSUPERHEROS and SUPERHEROINE’S rely on strength, endurance and a healthy mind and body, so if you’re looking to follow suit and get fitter then banish those iphones, ipads, gadgets, takeaways and trashy television shows and jump up from the comfort of your sofa and get healthy and active. It’s time to save yourself, then you will be better armed to help save the planet!

According to Wikipedia ”A superhero (sometimes rendered super-hero or super hero) is a type of hero or saviour possessing extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and dedicated to protecting the public”It can be argued that the better informed we are the better we are to help those around us. So gain this knowledge quick, apply it for yourself and then unleash the advice to all you meet. The only way you can succeed is to lead so others can follow and be your very own superhero!

Here are 6 WHAM BAM tips and reasons to become a better, healthier and fully restored super-being. Take my advice it really is that simple!!


1.Let’s get fitter with boom buzzing brainpower.

Adding some exercise to your life can really rev up your energy and transform you into an unstoppable success machine. Cardio vascular exercise pumps extra blood into your brain which delivers oxygen and a power house of nutrients to super drive your brains effiency. Cardio also releases chemicals into the brain that heighten and intensify your memory, mental faculties and make your razor sharp. Try any of these cardio vascular execises – jogging, cycling, aerobics and circuit training.  No wonder you feel you can take on the World with all that positive energy running through your brain.  Your brain is buzzing, ZAP, POW, BOOM!

2. Lets KAPOW the Stress!

As worried as you may be about taking the steps to initiate your fitness programme, once you really start working out, you’ll experience less stress in every fragment of your lifestyle.

You’re not the only one who will gain from more pleasure and less anxiety in your life. When you’re less worried, you’re more positive, energised, inspired and motivated. So let’s ditch the stress with some weekly exercise sessions. Whatever you do make sure it’s fun, because you are much more likely to stick to it if it’s enjoyable. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration. Why not try circuit training, aerobics, running, cycling, power walking, kettle bell classes, boxercise, combat style classes, step aerobics or zumba. Any activity that makes you out of breath will do the trick. KAPOW the stress is gone!

3. KABOOM feel the energy and zoom to the moon!Green super hero guest from the fresh start Thailan bootcamp

Doing a workout tape for just 30 minutes in the morning can change your whole day. When endorphins flow into your bloodstream during a workout you feel much more energized for the rest of the day. You will be more productive and a great role model for your friends and family.

Not only does a workout give you added energy, it generates a tougher heart – the most significant muscle in the body. A tougher heart and a fit body makes exercise and the daily routines feel easier. Your heart and cardiovascular structure will function more efficiently,

And when you expand your strength and endurance, it’s easier to achieve everyday tasks like carrying the shopping and climbing stairs. This also ensures that you feel more energetic over the sequence of the day. Lots of gyms and health clubs offer early morning classes which would be the perfect start to the day. If you are a Mum check out to see if there are morning classes with creche facilites for little ones.

4. Eat clean to feel supreme like a Super person!

Clean eating is eating foods which are as close to their natural state as possible. Embrace vegetables, fruit, whole grains, healthy organic lean meats, healthy fats and lots of water. Stay clear of all drinks that say ‘sugar free’ as they will be laden with artificial sweeteners. Also avoid these food criminals’ hydrogenated oils, sugar, table salt, refined grains, packaged foods, sugar and all processed foods. Richard and I get our organic fresh fruit and veggies delivered in a box from the farmers, which makes sure it is local and super fresh. We never know what we are going to get which makes it exciting. If you are in the UK try Riverfood.  See if there are similar schemes in your area.  Eating clean will add years to your life, give you extra energy and make your zoom like a super hero!

5. Reduce your electromagnetic pollution exposure to keep yourself in the superhero zone!

Long term exposure to EMF’s can aggravate existing health problems and in some people can cause low energy, sleep disorders, emotional instability and lack of healing. EMF’s come from computers, TV’s, electrical appliances, ipads, microwaves, power lines, scanners, mobiles and x-rays.

According to natural health expert, Andrew Weil, M.D., “Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, and it is all the more dangerous because it is an invisible, insensitive ‘toxin’.”

The best thing to counteract all this negativity is to minimize time spent with all electrical appliances. Turn off all the power sockets and equipment at time. Switch off the wi-fi before your bed or better still don’t use Wi Fi and hardwire your computer with a cable. Walk barefoot on grass to get some good positive energies to balance out the bad. It’s a really bad idea to have your mobile phone with you while you are sleeping so turn it off an leave it downstairs.

Here is a great article from about the dangers of EMF’s Click here.

butterfy super hero 6. Re-wire your mind to think sharp and positive like batman and Robin !

The thoughts you put in your mind are just as important as the food you put in your body. Negative thought patterns can hold you back from reaching your super hero status. Holding onto old dramas, grudges and worrying about things that have not yet happened are all unproductive and can hinder your development. Try these techniques to re-wire your mind- neuro linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique , cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation and mindfulness courses.

Someone I recommend is Antony Robbins and his books ”Awaken the Giant Within” and the ”Power of Positive Thinking”.Here is the link to his website.


Nobody wants to be feel like a sluggish know body, there is a super hero and super heroine in each of us. So why we are wasting our time sitting on the sofa all day long doing nothing except using silly machines, eating dead food and watching mind numbing television? I’d rather say machines are becoming smart and making people brainless and turning us into zombies! So you can be a health super hero with these benefits, start up and work out daily, eat clean, think the right thoughts and save yourself. It time to take a stand for your health and fitness and save the World! Because when we are TRUELY healthy in mind, body and spirit we have the POW to do anything!

And as Blue Lantern says ”In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full, our souls ignite, when all seems lost, in the war of light, look to the stars, for hope burns bright!”

Louise Thomas co founder of Fresh Start Thailand fitness boot camp

Louise Co-Founder of Fresh Start

To your very good health

Louise from the Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

Louise Thomas is committed to helping people to improve their health and fitness. Helping to raise people’s awareness so they can make the best possible choices for themselves. She runs the Fresh Start Thailand Bootcamp with her husband Richard. They have 46 combined years of working in the health and fitness industry and live in the small Thai village of Mae Ann in Chiang Mai.


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