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Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp February 2014 News

Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp February 2014 News

A warm welcome to our first monthly news blog featuring the best success stories of February 2014 from the original and best Thailand Fitness bootcamp; including the biggest losers, biggest fat percentage loser, who gained the most muscle, who had outstanding fitness results, testimonials from our bootcampers and a spotlight on Phil – our newest addition to the Fresh Start team!

Trevor's after photo from the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

Trevor at the end of 4 weeks

This Months Biggest Losers!

A huge congratulations to Trevor who joined our boot camp for the whole of February and lost 11.5 kilos.

His goal was to be able to fit into a tuxedo for his daughter’s wedding.

He lost an amazing 5.6 kilos in the first week! To watch his success story click here.


Our February 2014 Top Weight Loss Losers at The Fresh Start Thailand fitness Bootcamp

Brian joined our boot camp for a week and lost an amazing 5.2 kilos.

Des came to our boot camp for a week and lost 4.6 kilos.

Sy is with us for 4 weeks and in his first week he has achieved a loss of 4.5 kilos.

Alexander stayed at our fitness boot camp for 3 weeks in February 20144

Alexander Stayed for 3 weeks in February!

Biggest Fat Percentage Loss Loser!

Alexander spent 3 weeks at our boot camp and lost an amazing 3.5% of body fat.

Who Gained The Most Muscle?

Alexander also claims the crown for this achievement by gaining an amazing 2.5 kilos.


Who Had Outstanding Fitness Results?

A huge congratulations to Sheryl as our first woman to achieve amazing results in this months blog. At the start of her bootcamp Sheryl achieved 70 sit-ups, at the end she achieved an amazing 105 sit-ups (that’s 35 extra sit-ups!). Impressive work Sheryl!

Letters of Gratitude From This Months Bootcampers

Hi Louise,
I just wanted to say a big THANK-YOU for your bootcamp team. In two weeks it really transformed my thinking about what is achievable and what I was putting in my body. Since coming  home, I will do a minimum of 1hr a day exercise before I would do 45mins (half-heartedly) and think that was enough.
In my two weeks there I lost 6kgs so was over the moon with the results. I can’t thank your team of trainers enough. They really do love what they do and it shows.
As I had such a positive experience I’m COMING BACK IN MAY. I will book online now. May 9 -16th.

Hi Louise,
Just wanted to let you know that bootcamp was fantastic!!!! Exactly what we were expecting… From accommodation to food massages, trainers etc… All first class. Just wanted to say thank you. Richard is fantastic and JP is an excellent trainer and motivator. Thanks again and I will recommend to everyone. Julie and Robert

Testimonials From Our Fitness retreats in February 2014

I enjoyed staying at the Spa and doing the bootcamp.  JP was a great leader.  All in all, excellent!
 – Ines Liebich February 2014

Glad I came.  Bootcamp helped me to push my mental limits.  JP made it fun and kept the team going.  I made new friends too.
– Cheong Meoching from Singapore February 2014

My second time here at Bootcamp and I loved it just as much.  Very professional trainers are caring and focused and highly motivational.  Thanks so much.
– Dawn Booth February 2014

had a great experience. Loved the trainers and the activities. Overall a great time and would love to come back.
– Aparna Verma from Dubai February 2014

Phil is the latest addition to our fitness holidays in Thailand

Phil Our Newest team member

Spot Light On A Fresh Start Fitness Boot Camp Team Member

Phil is the latest addition to the Fresh Start Fitness Boot Camp team and is originally from the UK. He was a former Engineer in the British Army. Whilst in the army he played football for the combined services and went on to be a professional footballer for Reading, Portsmouth, Ipswich Town and Aldershot. He has completed a Sports Fitness course at Huddersfield Poly and went on to gain a Sports Science Degree which incorporated physiotherapy, massage and fitness instruction.

He has recently qualified as a football referee and PF Coaching Level 2 badge and he also has his advanced diploma in goal keeper coaching. Phil has 4 children Jack 24, Beth 20, Archie 16 and Charlie 14. During his children’s school years he helped as a Physical Education teacher. Phil volunteers at Christian charities here in Chiang Mai as well as helping with our fitness holidays. He is also a qualified first aider.We are really glad to have Phil on board he is an enthusiastic and caring team member and a recent boot camp guest said ‘ Phil is possibly the most enthusiastic fitness instructor he has ever come across’

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Co'founders of the Thailand fitness bootcamp

Richard and Louise Founders of Fresh Start

The Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp is based at the Spa health resort in the picturesque village of Mae Ann in Chiang Mai which is in Northern Thailand. The Thailand Camp is run by Louise and Richard Thomas who between them have 50 years of combined fitness and health knowledge. Their aim it to have the very best fitness boot camp in Asia. They are constantly listening to the needs of their customers to and adapting the program so they can give their customers the very best fitness and health experience. So if you are looking for a kick start or just want a week of healthy eating and exercise then you have come to the right place with Fresh Start


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