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Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp March 2014 News

Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp March 2014 News

A warm welcome to our monthly news blog featuring the best success stories of March 2014 from the original and best Thailand Fitness boot camp; including the biggest losers, biggest fat percentage loser, who gained the most muscle, who had outstanding fitness results, and letters of gratitude and testimonials from our boot-campers.

Brock after his 3 week boot-camp

Brock after his 3 week boot-camp

This Months Biggest Losers!

A huge congratulations to Brock who joined our boot-camp for 3 weeks and lost and amazing 10.3 kilos.

He lost an amazing 6.7 kilos in the first week! To watch Brock’s video testimonial click here.

Our February 2014 Top Weight Loss Losers at The Fresh Start Thailand fitness Boot-camp

Simon joined our boot-camp for 2 weeks and lost an amazing 8.5 kilos.

Einar came to our boot camp for a week and lost 5.5 kilos.


Einar after his 1 week boot-camp

Einar after his 1 week boot-camp

Biggest Fat Percentage Loss Loser!

Einar spent a week at our boot camp and lost an amazing 4.5% of body fat. To watch Einar’s video testimonial click here.

Who Gained The Most Muscle?

Einar also claims the crown for this achievement by gaining an amazing 2 kilos.

Who Had Outstanding Fitness Results?

A huge congratulations to Mo as our first woman to achieve amazing results in this months blog. At the start of her boot-camp Mo achieved 56 sit-ups, at the end she achieved an amazing 102 sit-ups (that’s 46 extra sit-ups!). Impressive work Mo! To watch Simon and Mo’s video testimonial click here.

Pool games March 1st

Pool games March 1st

To watch fellow boot-campers Andrew, Brock and Jerry’s video testimonial click here

Letters of Gratitude From This Months Boot-campers

Hello Louise,

We had a great camp experience.  Both Phil and Chris were great but we spent a fair bit of time with Phil (we were usually in the back and Phil stayed with us).  He was amazing and so very supportive.  He encouraged, supported, and even pushed the right amount when necessary.  There was no question that he cared a great deal about our successes not just at the camp but beyond.  We cannot say enough great things about him.

We will be putting an endorsement on tripadvisor and will happily recommend this fitness bootcamp to anyone. We loved getting the chance to try new things, pushing ourselves, and enjoying the countryside at the same time.  The folks at the Spa Resort were great as well.  The boot-camp has given us the kick in the pants we really needed.

Again, thank you to you and your team for a great experience.  Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from us.

Salina and Shamim Sachedina

BOOT-CAMP ROCKS!!! I frickin LOVED it so much it makes me do a pee-pee dance!

Really, Louise, you and Richard have created a mighty fine program. I’ll probably do it again in the fall, schedule willing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It was awesome-tastic!


Testimonials From Our Fitness retreats in March 2014

This week has changed my life. I lost 6.5 kilos and 12cm from my waist. I regained my health and my confidence. Brilliant!!!
– Simon Bowen from UK, March 2014

The week at boot camp has been an amazing experience. Nick was a fantastic leader and JP very motivational. I have achieved more in a week with regards to fitness than I ever imagined.
– Mo Bowen from UK, March 2014

Lives up to it’s name. Has given me a jump start to transforming my body, fitness and lifestyle. It’s started my weightloss losing 3.3 kg in only 5 days and inspired me to continue to monitor my diet and exercise routine. Got what I came for in 5 days!
– Ambreen Isanullah from Canada, March 2014

Amazing experience! Sometimes very tough but nice to see what is achievable!- Einar Anarsson from Luxembourg, March 2014

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed our News from our March 2014 fitness boot-camps! Please ‘share’ and ‘like’ for us across social media, we would really appreciate it!

Co'founders of the Thailand fitness bootcamp

The Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot-camp is based at the Spa health resort in the picturesque village of Mae Ann in Chiang Mai which is in Northern Thailand. The Thailand Camp is run by Louise and Richard Thomas who between them have 50 years of combined fitness and health knowledge. Their aim it to have the very best Fitness Boot-camp in Asia. They are constantly listening to the needs of their customers to and adapting the program so they can give their customers the very best fitness and health experience. So if you are looking for a kick start or just want a week of healthy eating and exercise then you have come to the right place with Fresh Start fitness holidays.

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