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Fat Camp In Thailand

Fat Camp in Thailand


Dave's after his 7 day weight loss retreat in Thailand

Dave after photo

Dave before his fat camp in Thailand

Dave before photo

You have probably clicked onto this page because you are feeling fat and over weight.

Please don’t worry you are not alone. Many of our guests feel over weight and would like to lose a few pounds or kilos.

Like Dave our guest from the UK. He did have a big belly and was carrying access fat around his waist. Look at his incredible before and after photos which show what can be accomplished in our 7 day fitness and weight loss bootcamp.Dave lost an incredible 6 kilos in 7 days!

His stomach dramatically shrank and he left feeling much healthier and invigorated.

So our fat camp in Thailand might be just what you are looking for.  During your exotic fat camp you can work towards a total body transformation.

Our caring team of fitness professionals are always on hand to help. Fresh Start was established in January 2010.  We have many years of experience running our fitness and weight loss retreats.




Fat camp holidays to help obesity

Almost a third of the world’s population is overweight or obese. That’s a staggering 2.1 billion people who are carrying excess weight. That’s almost a three-fold increase since 1980. It’s a global epidemic.

There are three obvious reasons why so many people are over weight.

Over the last 30 years, the intake of fast-food and sugar has sky-rocketed. Most processed food has added sugar. Super market customers are constantly bombarded with offers to super-size their purchases. You often see huge bars of chocolate for a ridiculously low cost. This adds to the temptation to consume more calories than needed.

Our lives are also getting more sedate. With more and more people choosing a career involving hours in front of a computer, many have less of a chance to exercise. It’s not just at work though. Even in our free time we’ve become lazier over the last few decades.  We have more choice then ever on the TV, plus highly-addictive video games aren’t helpful in the battle against the bulge.

Plus studies show that we are getting, overall, less sleep which is contributing to our weight gain. It’s an often-overlooked component to gaining weight, but science has proved that those who don’t get enough sleep have trouble balancing their hormones which in turns leads to storing fat and contributing to hunger during the day. We have high end comfortable beds at our fat camp here in Asia to assure you a good nights sleep while you are with us.

Our fat camp holidays are geared towards helping our guests to lose weight and reduce their overall body fat percentage. All guests get an exit strategy booklet when they leave us. The Fresh Start exit strategy has tips and ideas of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle once our guests return home.

Fat camp in Asia for your total body transformation

We would love to help you get back into shape and help you with your personal health journey.

The best way to kick start the fat loss is by joining our fat camp in Thailand which is in Asia. If you’re thinking about an exotic vacation in Thailand, instead of a sedentary beach holiday , consider opting for a healthy holiday in Asia instead.

A fat camp abroad doesn’t have to be arduous.

Going abroad to take part in a fat camp doesn’t have to be arduous. We have designed our program with an emphasis on fun,  adventure and one on one personal attention.

The resort is nestled in the heart of the lush northern mountains outside Chiang Mai. We have found the perfect location for our

guests transformation. Their are no tempting distractions and Weena our onsite manager is available to help you with all your needs while you are with us.

fat camp guestsOur small select group fitness and weight loss camps offer outstanding training with supportive expert coaches. This is a guided and supportive program. You will be allocated 2 trainers who will be with you for the duration of each 7 day fat camp. This enables us to track and monitor your process and make sure your goals are being monitored and catered for.

You won’t be missing out on the Thai culture or Thai cuisine though. All the exercises are carefully planned to incorporate local attractions and the countryside. Once day you might be cycling past rice paddy fields, the next hiking past an ancient temple. Each day, you’ll be able to sample on home-cooked Northern Thai cuisine which is both nutritious and delicious. Many of the produce comes directly from our camp’s gardens.

Are you sold on a fat camp holiday? Experience a slice of authentic Thailand while working on your weight loss and fitness and meeting new friends. Everything from transport, food, accommodation, coaching, massages , far sauna’s and excursions are taken care of. Plus there’s often last-minute deals to be found, so get in touch today. 

If fat and weight loss is not your goal then you can still take part in our healthy holiday and we can adjust your meal plan accordingly.

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