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Exercise For Weight Management

exercise for weight management

Confused about what exercise types are good for keeping yourself trim ? This week we are going to look at exercise for weight management and some exercises which you might not have considered​ yet!

​We believe all exercise is food and it’s better doing something rather than nothing. It’s also really important to find something you like to do which will help you with your motivation. ​


​I am a big fan of pilates and I am a fully qualified pilates teacher. We have a pilates class as part of our fitness bootcamp programme.

While cardio workouts may seem like the best option to reach your weight loss goals, there are other forms of exercise that can burn calories and help you slim down, including pilates. This type of exercise requires (and builds) great control of the muscles in your body. In building your muscle strength, you will be increasing the number of calories you burn, even while you’re sitting around doing nothing.

In addition to burning calories and helping you reduce overall body fat and weight, pilates will quickly help you appear slimmer. Many people see results in reduced body measurements more than they do on the scale—meaning they are reducing their overall body fat while increasing their muscle mass. A great way to keep motivated because the results are undeniable!

Yoga 4Yoga

​I am also a big fan of yoga and am a yoga teacher too! We have yoga as part of our holistic exercise programme.

Yoga offers similar benefits to pilates, but focuses more on fluid, stretching movements and breathing patterns. It’s a great way to have an active rest day during your fitness schedule or to unwind after a long day at work. Interested in learning more about yoga? Check out our other blog posts!


Get in touch with nature while burning calories at the same time
​, we love to hike here at the Fresh Start fitness camp in Thailand.

Even if you ​don’t like​ working out, hiking can be a great way to reduce your body fat and increase your fitness. It may not be the best option if you hate the great outdoors, but it may also teach you that you love nature! Hiking can be completed in a wide range of ability levels, from very basic trails that offer little resistance to very complex trails that require balancing and even some short distances of climbing to get through.

Start out with easier trails the first few times you go out for a hike, and if possible take a friend. Once you’re aware of your abilities and are comfortable with your beginner hiking, you can start finding more challenging places to hike or even plan a fitness weekend with your friends and family to hike new and exciting places. Don’t forget your camera!

Kettle ballkettle bell

These weights offer the added benefit of building core stability no matter what exercise you are performing because the weight isn’t balanced across the weight as it is in traditional dumbbells. Kettle balls require more stability for your body and help strengthen a wider range of muscles with each movement you make.

Because kettle balls work so much of your body by requiring more stabilisation than traditional weights, you can get more work completed in a shorter amount of time, burning far more calories than you would in a traditional weight lifting session. Kettle ball work strengthens your muscles while at the same time offering a cardiovascular workout. Two for one!

If you’ve never worked with kettle balls before, it may be a good idea to consult a personal trainer (or visit our resort!)to make sure you understand proper form. Although it may seem straightforward, it is easy to incur injuries from improper kettle ball use.

​We have kettle bell classes on our fitness holiday and our guests rave about them and many of our guests purchase kettle bells once they return home. I also teach this class and it is one of my favourites we do it to music so it has a real upbeat feel about it. ​

Elliptical MachinesElliptical Machines

Offering a purely cardio workout, with very little impact on your body, the elliptical is a calorie burning power house. When you are short on time at the gym, but want to get in the most calorie burn for your time and effort, the elliptical is where to go. Because it is pure cardio, you may find you get tired more quickly than you expect—or at least find yourself sweating and out of breath even if you’re muscles feel fine—and this is normal!

Aim for just five or ten minutes at a time when first starting elliptical work. It’s a good addition to your gym rotation if you enjoy doing other machines, or can offer a great stand alone workout. Eventually you’ll be able to go thirty minutes or more without stopping. Balance the cardio with a couple days of strength training and you’ll be losing weight and looking fit in no time!


No equipment and no skills required. Walking may seem like it is too easy to provide weight loss benefits, but many people have succeeded at losing weight by walking—and you can too! Walking can be done virtually anytime, anywhere, making it a great way to exercise without allowing excuses to take hold. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and the motivation to walk out your front door. If you change no other habit, but start walking at least 45 minutes a day, most people are able to lose one pound a week. Couple that with additional exercise or healthier eating choices and you will be well on your way to weight loss success!

Remember, even people who are obese can typically walk short distances safely. It is low impact and can be adjusted to the individual’s health and activity level. Start out slowly, especially if you have health problems or are obese. Very gradually increase the time or distance you walk and you’ll soon find it easier and more enjoyable.


If you’re hesitant to embark on a weight loss fitness plan because you have joint problems or are obese and concerned about impact, swimming is the ideal way to workout. Even if you don’t actually swim, completing workouts in the water is a great way to reduce stress on the joints and burn calories. In fact, your body only takes the impact of about 10% of your weight when it is under water, but it gets the benefit of over 10x the resistance of working out outside of the water. You can swim, walk, or complete a variety of other exercises such as water aerobics. Just like any other new exercise, remember to start out slowly and listen to your body. You may even find you have so much fun in the water, you forget you’re working out!

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Bootcamp in Chiang Mai Thailand

Louise & Richard


What exercises are you considering to help you reach your goals? We believe anything that encourages movement is a great choice! Share your ideas, maybe you’ll help someone else find their inspiration as well!

Stay fit and healthy from Louise and Richard the founders the Fresh Start fitness holiday boot camp in Thailand. 

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