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Circuit Training For Weight Loss At Fresh Start

Circuit training for weight loss at Fresh Start

Circuit Training for Weight Loss

circuit training for weight lossChristine travelled abroad to Fresh Start Thailand Boot camp all the way from Switzerland in June 2018. During her 7 days of weight loss boot camp activities she lost an amazing 6kg in weight. She particularly likes our circuit training for weight loss classes. She improved her strength, endurance and above all had loads of fun and felt better and better as each day unfolded.

You may ask yourself, what was her secret? Well, there is no secret, just good old-fashioned healthy eating, exercise, sleep and a love for the outdoors!

During Christine’s stay with us she ate plenty of food, just only healthy nutritious food such as organic vegetables, fruit juices and clean organic meat and fish. She also cut out starchy carbs such as potatoes, pasta and rice and replaced them with extra vegetables.

Christine’s favourite exercise sessions were our Circuit training for weight loss classes. During these sessions she felt she really worked hard and could feel the improvement in her fitness as her week progressed.

Types of circuit training

circuit training for weight lossSo why was circuit training so good for Christine’s overall fitness and weight loss gains? Here are a few facts. The body burns 5 calories of energy to use 1 litre of oxygen, the increase in oxygen demand also increases energy expenditure, making it an effective strategy for weight loss. Circuit training also improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This involves alternating between periods of hard exercise and rest. A circuit class will improve speed, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance and burn loads of calories and fat.

With a circuit training class, you will get the benefits of muscle building and toning along with an intense cardio workout with a group of like-minded people all having fun while getting fit. At the Fitness retreat we do 4 very different circuit classes a week. Two of the circuit classes are in our Cloud nine Sala with amazing views across the Thai country side. One is on our exercise track in the open air giving you some great ideas to take home with you. We use TRX (body weight exercise straps) resistance bands and other light weight equipment you can use at home. Our forth circuit class is at the amazing Huang tung tao lake where you will be shown some great circuit alternatives such as-

circuit training for weight lossFart lek running – Swedish for ‘speed play’ which is a style of interval running where you will jog or walk for a time them increase speed so that your heart rate increases and decreases improving endurance and stamina.

Retro running- or running backwards. This will strengthen opposing muscle groups that normally work when running forwards. Backwards running will strengthen the calves, quads, shins and balance your muscular strength. As well as the strength benefits, retro running also burns 30% more energy than running forwards and improves posture and puts less strain on the knees.

Christine’s circuit training for weight loss was part of a varied program which included cycling, yoga, walking, sightseeing, Pilates, kick boxing and much more. She travelled abroad to amazing Thailand and achieved her weight loss and fitness goals whilst seeing the tourist attractions and Thai culture in Chiangmai. To see what Christine thought about her Fitness retreat, watch her YouTube video.

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