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Christmas Fitness Retreat

Christmas Fitness Retreat

Christmas fitness retreatThe Christmas season is fast approaching. In the midst of the festive cheer, it’s easy to forget about your health. Many people throw their diet plans out the window expecting to reboot as part of their New Year’s resolutions. But a Christmas fitness retreat could resolve all that.

The excessive consumption over the holiday season is staggering. Take the UK as an example. This small island gorges on almost 12 million turkeys, 20 million Christmas puddings, more than 230 million pints of beer and 30 million bottles of wine. All on one day. It’s the pinnacle of the month during which most people’s alcohol consumption increases by 40%. Throw in the lack of exercise and enough chocolate to fill up a stocking, and it’s no wonder that Christmas takes such a toll on our waistline.

Christmas fitness retreat abroad

Christmas fitness retreatSo, what’s to be done. While it’s hard not to immerse yourself in the merriness of it all, it’s not to late to escape and avoid the annual bloating, indigestion, headaches and heartburn. If you’d rather skip it all, you could jet off to somewhere exotic.

But how can I afford it I hear your cry? It’s no surprise that the average person spends more than $1000 over the Christmas season. If you forgo the drinks, food, presents, cards and decorations, there should be more than enough in the kitty for a restorative break abroad.

Christmas fitness retreat for singles

Are you spending Christmas alone this year? Can’t get back to see your family? Why not consider flying off for a Christmas fitness retreat for singles. Not only will you get in shape, but you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people from around the world. You never know, you might even meet someone special.

Wellness retreats over Christmas

Christmas fitness retreatInstead of overindulgent excess, why not head to one of the wellness retreats over Christmas? Explore the beautiful surroundings of exotic lands, sample delicious local (yet nutritious) cuisine, make some new friends from around the world and come back lean. Sounds good right?

Our Chiang Mai fitness bootcamp runs over the Christmas season and offers the opportunity to escape for some time in the sun.

New Year’s fitness retreat

If you can’t escape for Christmas, you could always consider scoring a stay at a New Year’s fitness retreat and hit those resolutions running right from day one. After the overindulgence of December, you can shed those extra pounds, have a holiday and return for the new year feeling refreshed and energised.

With the right support environment including coaches and nutritional experts, you’ll be able to get a head start on those fitness goals. It’s not all hard work though. If you join the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp located near the Northern capital of Chiang Mai, you’ll have a vacation too. Enjoy mouth-watering cuisine, explore ancient temples and immerse yourself in the spectacular countryside.

If you’re sold on a Christmas fitness retreat, look no further than our Chiang Mai bootcamp in Northern Thailand. Combine HIIT exercises with sightseeing and Northern Thai cuisine for the vacation of a lifetime. You won’t be going alone. Along with like-minded individuals and professional coaches, you can kick start your new year resolutions and make the most of your time here. All the transport, food, accommodation, coaching and visits to the local attractions are included, plus there’s often last-minute deals if you get in touch.

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