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21Mar 14
Friday’s Blog On The Health Benefits Of Nuts!

Friday’s blog on the health benefits of nuts!

At Fresh Start we are nutty about nuts! So much so that as part of our boot-camp breakfast menu we serve almond milk with our muesli. Almond milk is an appropriate milk substitute for individuals on a heart-healthy detox diet, this is because it is lower in both fat and…

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14Mar 14
5 Best Workouts To Lose Weight.

5 Best Workouts To Lose Weight.

Hello there! I hope you've had an active, healthy week. This Friday, I'm sharing my Top 5 Workouts for weight loss. I hope you find a workout to try. Let us know how it goes! 1. Cardio Intervals Whether you prefer biking, rowing, running, or swimming, intervals are one of…

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07Mar 14
Friday’s 5 Health Tips From Fresh Start

Friday’s 5 Health Tips from Fresh Start

We hope you find our 5 health tips for Friday helpful. Please get in touch if you have any health tips of your own you would like to share. Have a great weekend! 1. Don’t skip breakfast.Studies have shown that eating a proper breakfast is one of the most positive…

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28Feb 14
Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp February 2014 News

Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp February 2014 News

A warm welcome to our first monthly news blog featuring the best success stories of February 2014 from the original and best Thailand Fitness bootcamp; including the biggest losers, biggest fat percentage loser, who gained the most muscle, who had outstanding fitness results, testimonials from our bootcampers and a spotlight…

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21Feb 14
10 Reasons To Visit Amazing Thailand

10 Reasons to Visit Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. Here are my 10 reasons why should you go to Thailand on holiday this year. 1. Phenomenal Thai Cuisine. Thailand is famous all over the world for its cuisine! It’s not just their use of fresh ingredients and…

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15Feb 14
What Is Love? Valentine Thoughts From Louise At Fresh Start

What Is Love? Valentine Thoughts From Louise at Fresh Start

Why not send yourself a Valentines Card this February 14th. So it is that time of year again. February 14th Valentines day, when we send our loved one's and secret admirers a valentines card. But should be send a Valentines card to ourselves? I know it might seem like a…

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07Feb 14
Turn Your Senses Over To Nature In Chiang Mai Thailand

Turn Your Senses Over to Nature in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand is quickly becoming the cultural capital of Thailand. It’s a growing city but it feels complete with its art filled markets, quaint little backstreets, shops filled with local wares, open doors where its possible to look into see busy locals working away at their crafts, and old…

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09Jan 14
New Health And Fitness Trends For 2014

New health and fitness trends for 2014

A very happy and healthy new year to you all. We wish all our past and future customers an abundance of health and happiness for the year ahead. So it's a new year and potentially a new you a fresh start is on the horizon. Have you mentally complied a…

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07Dec 13
Staying Healthy Over Christmas

Staying Healthy Over Christmas

How To Beat The Christmas Eating And Drinking Binge So the Christmas season is now upon us. So how do we keep our weight stable with so many extra social events and so many tempting treats lining the shelves of shops and supermarkets? Don't worry, there is no need to…

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10Nov 13
10 Great Things To Experience In Chiang Mai

10 Great Things To Experience in Chiang Mai

Quite simply. Chiang Mai is beautiful. It is Northern Thailand’s largest city and is surrounded by lush green mountains, beautiful temples and a bohemian atmosphere that is held together by a growing collection of bars and restaurants, cultural markets and traditional Thai experiences. We don’t think that you’ll need much…

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08Oct 13
Fresh Starts Top 20 Healthy Habits

Fresh Starts top 20 healthy habits

To stay healthy we need to cultivate more healthy habits. We need to build these healthy habits just like brushing our teeth. Here is a list of things we believe would make a real difference to your health , vitality and longevity. Fresh Start's top 20 healthy habits. 1) Take…

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14Aug 13
Welcome To Our New Thailand Fitness Bootcamp Website!

Welcome to Our New Thailand Fitness Bootcamp Website!

Hello and welcome to our brand new website and warm greetings from Chiang Mai Thailand. Richard and I have been running fitness boot camps in Thailand for over 4 years now. Our old web site was called fitness holiday but we felt Thailand fitness boot camp better represents what we…

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