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26Oct 16
11 High Protein Breakfast Ideas To Have On The Go

11 high protein breakfast ideas to have on the go

Ditch the low-fat, low-carb mentality and begin embracing the power of protein. Protein is the only nutrient you need to have a trim body, to stay energetic and have a great start to your day. Of course, you need to add other nutrients in your diet -- however, almost every…

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20Oct 16
Great Exercises For The Legs

Great exercises for the legs

A common fitness belief, or should we say myth, is that squats are the Holy Grail to perfectly toned legs and butt. This notion pushes people to drive all their energy into doing countless squats, reaping little to no substantial benefit. Here’s the real dilemma behind doing squats all the…

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13Oct 16
Great Exercises For The Arms

Great exercises for the arms

5 exercises for the arms that work! After the six-pack, the most targeted muscle group among men and women is the arms. However, we don’t want to bore you with a lengthy and ineffective arm toning workout which may not even suit all fitness levels. Instead, we’ll give you a…

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08Oct 16
How To Get Muscle Definition

How to get muscle definition

Body related backlashes can be easily avoided with a well-structured, consistent plan along with patience and resilience on your part. Strategizing your fitness plan with the right balance of weight training and cardio is key to getting muscle definition and toning up your body. What do toning and gaining muscle…

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29Sep 16
7 Foods That Boost Your Serotonin

7 Foods That Boost Your Serotonin

If you are experiencing mood swings, depression, panic attacks or finding that you are having trouble sleeping, then it is possible that you have a serotonin deficiency. Before you go reaching for the drugs or serotonin supplements, you might want to first try focusing on your diet, and eating serotonin-rich…

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22Sep 16
The 10 Best Houseplants For Cleaning Indoor Air

The 10 Best Houseplants for Cleaning Indoor Air

When it comes to your health, the quality of the air in your environment is just as important as the quality of the food you eat. You may not realise that indoor air pollutants surround you every day, meaning that stagnant air with contaminants are in your living and working…

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17Sep 16

Top 11 Magnesium Rich Foods

If you are experiencing ongoing headaches and migraines, fatigue and a lack of energy, and muscles spasms particularly in your legs, then you could be suffering from a magnesium deficiency. You might find that supplementing, using a topical magnesium spray, or adding more magnesium rich foods into your diet could…

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08Sep 16
12 Probiotic Foods

12 probiotic foods

Probiotics are living microorganisms in the body that have a myriad of positive functions. They can also be consumed to up your health and improve your overall quality of life [1]. Consuming probiotic foods is linked to improved digestion and heart health, better mood and healthier skin [2], [3], [4],…

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01Sep 16
How Do We Create Healthy Habits?

How do we create healthy habits?

5 ways to develop healthy eating habits Having healthy habits does not revolve around strict dietary limitations nor is it synonymous to being “thin.” In fact, the key to developing healthy eating habits, and more importantly, sticking to them is to feel great about what you’re eating and practicing in…

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25Aug 16
6 Intermittent Fasting Methods

6 intermittent fasting methods

We know the drill with fad diets. The no-fat, no-carb, gluten-free, veggie only cabbage soup and others have made big promises about helping you lose weight fast. Despite having the best intentions about feeding your body with only what’s good for us, we give into these diets and eventually give…

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18Aug 16
The Importance Of Cardiovascular Fitness

The importance of cardiovascular fitness

Before we get to the importance of cardiovascular fitness, it’s important to first understand what it really is. Cardiovascular exercises are often used interchangeably with aerobic exercise and they have two sides to them: heart and muscle. Improved cardiovascular fitness means that your heart and lungs have an increased ability…

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11Aug 16
10 Reasons It’s Important To Do Strength And Conditioning Exercises

10 reasons it’s important to do strength and conditioning exercises

Resistance training, weight lifting, weight bearing exercises… whatever you call it there’s no doubt that it comes with a plethora of benefits. Strength training and conditioning exercises can be slightly intimating in the beginning, given the weightlifting myths we are so used to listening. If this sounds like you, take…

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04Aug 16
10 Little Known Health Benefits Of Beans

10 Little Known Health Benefits of Beans

Not only are they versatile and inexpensive, but the humble bean is also healthy! There is a whole range of different bean types which are often overlooked, yet they are wholesome, tasty and can offer a whole range positive health benefits. 1. Beans are plant-based powerhouses As a plant-based food,…

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28Jul 16
15 Ways To Banish Sugar Cravings

15 Ways to Banish Sugar Cravings

Do you sometimes feel like you have absolutely no will-power or discipline when it comes to sugar? Does your sweet tooth seem uncontrollable? What if I was to tell you that it is actually not your fault that you feel this way, and that there are simple ways to banish…

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22Jul 16
20 Ways To Beat The Belly Fat

20 Ways to Beat the Belly Fat

Without a doubt, the one body part that we seem to focus the most attention and have the most concern about with our appearance is the mid-section. It seems like everyone wants to have a trimmer tummy, strong abs and to get rid of the beer gut. There is more…

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14Jul 16
20 Ways To Eat Clean

20 Ways to Eat Clean

The phrases eat clean and clean eating are being used increasingly within healthy living circles a way to eat and live that is far different from dieting and calorie counting. Let’s take a look at what it means to eat clean and explore the top 20 ways to practically eat…

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07Jul 16
How To Make Almond Milk

How to Make Almond Milk

With the increase in allergies and rise of people now following plant-based diets, almond milk has become a popular dairy milk replacement. Read on to find out why almond milk is a healthy option and find out how to make almond milk easily at home. Why drink a dairy milk…

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30Jun 16
Why Is Vitamin D Important To Be Healthy?

Why is Vitamin D important to be healthy?

It is a vitamin that many people these days are deficient in, yet is has vital importance to our overall health and wellbeing, more than any other vitamin. Let’s take a closer look at what makes vitamin D important in order to be healthy. Why do we need vitamin D…

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23Jun 16
The Truth Revealed: Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You?

The Truth Revealed: Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

There is something about coffee that stirs up strong emotions among its lovers, of whom most would say they cannot live without a cup of every day. For many people, it is hard to imagine a day going by without sipping on a cuppa (or three!) to get them through…

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16Jun 16
Everything You Need To Know About Leaky Gut Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About Leaky Gut Treatment

It doesn’t sound very appealing, and those who suffer from leaky gut will certainly affirm that suffering from this syndrome is far from fun. But what exactly is leaky gut and what is best leaky gut treatment for those who experience it? What is Leaky Gut The jury is still…

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