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07Dec 13
Staying Healthy Over Christmas

Staying Healthy Over Christmas

How To Beat The Christmas Eating And Drinking Binge So the Christmas season is now upon us. So how do we keep our weight stable with so many extra social events and so many tempting treats lining the shelves of shops and supermarkets? Don't worry, there is no need to…

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10Nov 13
10 Great Things To Experience In Chiang Mai

10 Great Things To Experience in Chiang Mai

Quite simply. Chiang Mai is beautiful. It is Northern Thailand’s largest city and is surrounded by lush green mountains, beautiful temples and a bohemian atmosphere that is held together by a growing collection of bars and restaurants, cultural markets and traditional Thai experiences. We don’t think that you’ll need much…

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08Oct 13
Fresh Starts Top 20 Healthy Habits

Fresh Starts top 20 healthy habits

To stay healthy we need to cultivate more healthy habits. We need to build these healthy habits just like brushing our teeth. Here is a list of things we believe would make a real difference to your health , vitality and longevity. Fresh Start's top 20 healthy habits. 1) Take…

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14Aug 13
Welcome To Our New Thailand Fitness Bootcamp Website!

Welcome to Our New Thailand Fitness Bootcamp Website!

Hello and welcome to our brand new website and warm greetings from Chiang Mai Thailand. Richard and I have been running fitness boot camps in Thailand for over 4 years now. Our old web site was called fitness holiday but we felt Thailand fitness boot camp better represents what we…

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