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04Mar 19
The Dangers Of Coke

The Dangers of Coke

The Dangers of Coke Coca Cola – it’s one of the world’s most recognizable (not to mention valuable) brands. Started as a carbonated medicine more than 130 years ago, today they have more than 900 bottled plants and sell more than 1.9 billion drinks every day. While the occasional Coca…

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04Feb 19
Most Popular Fitness Apps To Try Right Now

Most popular Fitness Apps to Try Right Now

Most popular Fitness Apps to Try Right Now If you’re getting ready to start a new fitness plan, suffering with low motivation, or even just looking for something fun and new, try these most popular fitness apps. They’ll help you stay on track, remind you when to work out, and…

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15Jan 19
Benefits Of Walking Up Hill

Benefits of walking up hill

Benefits of walking up hill Here at our fitness retreat, every day is different! Northern Thailand is renowned for its beautiful mountains and hills. The benefits of walking up hill are brilliant and a great effective way to exercise and keep fit. Walking up hill to lose weight We start…

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08Jan 19
10 New Year Health Kick Tips

10 New Year health kick tips

10 New Year health kick tips If you’re tired of the excess of Christmas, you’re probably eager to start your New Year health kick. It’s easier said than done. While most start with good intentions, without defining your goals, it’s easy to fall of the wagon. Getting a plan in…

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12Dec 18
10 Christmas Health Tips

10 Christmas Health Tips

  Christmas is a time to indulge, but you don’t need to end the holiday season feeling sluggish and overweight. Try these Christmas health tips and start the New Year the right way. Cut back on the booze With all the Christmas parties and festive merriness, it’s easy to overindulge…

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06Nov 18
Christmas Fitness Retreat

Christmas Fitness Retreat

The Christmas season is fast approaching. In the midst of the festive cheer, it’s easy to forget about your health. Many people throw their diet plans out the window expecting to reboot as part of their New Year’s resolutions. But a Christmas fitness retreat could resolve all that. The excessive…

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24Oct 18
Benefits Of Infrared Saunas

Benefits of infrared saunas

Benefits of infrared saunas It’s a fact. Since the mid ‘70s, worldwide obesity rates have tripled. To put that into context, almost 2 billion adults are overweight and about a third of those are obese. It’s not just adults either. Some 350 million children are overweight spurred on by lazier…

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25Sep 18
Circuit Training For Weight Loss At Fresh Start

Circuit training for weight loss at Fresh Start

Circuit Training for Weight Loss Christine travelled abroad to Fresh Start Thailand Boot camp all the way from Switzerland in June 2018. During her 7 days of weight loss boot camp activities she lost an amazing 6kg in weight. She particularly likes our circuit training for weight loss classes. She…

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28Aug 18
A Weight Loss Bootcamp That Works

A weight loss bootcamp that works

Here at Thailand Fitness Bootcamp we do things a little differently. You don’t need to be super fit or even in shape to join our weight loss bootcamp – it’s all about making a fresh start in a supportive and friendly environment whatever your fitness level. Here’s what makes our…

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21Jul 18
How To Stay On A Diet And Exercise Plan

How to stay on a diet and exercise plan

Sticking to a rigid diet can be difficult for many and if it’s not approached in the right way, you can often burn out and give up. Staying on track with healthy eating doesn’t have to be impossible though. Use these tips and you’ll be well on your way. Learn…

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19Jun 18
Healthy Holidays In Thailand

Healthy holidays in Thailand

Healthy holidays in Thailand If you’re looking to recharge the batteries and balance the mind and body, there are few places better than Thailand. Healthy holidays are a growing trend in the South East Asian country and for good reason – year-round hot weather, achingly beautiful scenery, and hidden retreats…

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10May 18
Best Spices For Weight Loss

Best spices for weight loss

Best spices for weight loss Adding spices to your food isn’t just a way of enhancing the flavour. With minerals, antioxidants and vitamins packed into these potent natural additives, there’s all sorts of scientifically good things going on in your body when you absorb them. Most notably is a super…

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06May 18
Five HIIT Workouts For Home

Five HIIT workouts for home

Five HIIT workouts for home You don’t need expensive gym passes or personal trainers to kick start your fitness regime. You’ve got everything you need to do HIIT workouts for home. But what is HIIT workouts I hear you ask? HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and involves short 110%…

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26Apr 18
Fitness Holidays For Singles

Fitness holidays for singles

Fitness holidays for singles Whether you’re new to fitness or just getting started, joining one of the fitness holidays for singles can be a great way to work on your training and meet new people from around the world. Here’s plenty of reasons why joining one makes a whole lot…

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06Apr 18
Top 10 Foods That Help With Inflammation

Top 10 foods that help with inflammation

Top 10 foods that help with inflammation Scientists in the medical world are quickly concluding that the way to reduce inflammation isn’t medicine, but natural foods. Inflammation occurs as your body’s reaction mechanism to something foreign entering it, whether it’s a type of chemical or microbes attacking you. That said,…

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23Mar 18
How To Stop Night Time Snacking

How to stop night time snacking

How to stop night time snacking We’re all guilty of reaching for the fridge or the cookie jar late at night, even when we’re not hungry. Whether you’ve had a tough day in the office or you slobbing out in front of the TV, there’s something about evening snacks that…

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01Mar 18
Top 10 Sports Supplements

Top 10 sports supplements

Top 10 sports supplements Deciding which sports supplements to use to complement your daily exercise regime can be a minefield. What works for building lean body mass for some, might not work for others. You should always take short controlled experiments to see which works best for you. It's also…

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13Feb 18
Why Come To Thailand To Do A Fitness Bootcamp?

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp?

Why come to Thailand to do a fitness bootcamp? So, you've made up your mind that a fitness bootcamp is a great way to kick start your new exercise regime. Good choice. This fast track way to lose weight and feel better is becoming more popular by the day. Now…

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02Jan 18
New Fitness Trends 2018

New fitness trends 2018

Fitness is an ever-changing landscape of gizmos, devices, and fads. While 2017 was dominated by the latest in personal fitness gadgets and apps as well a high intensity training which has been the staple of gyms for several years, 2018 is shaping up to be quite different. Hitting the gyms…

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14Dec 17
Christmas And New Year Fitness Retreats 2017/2018

Christmas and New Year Fitness Retreats 2017/2018

It seems to roll around quicker every year, but the holiday season is upon us again. Like us, if you've already had quite enough of the merriness and overindulgence, it's not too late to get away from it all and join one of the Christmas and New Year fitness retreats.…

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