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Benefits Of Juicing

Benefits Of Juicing

In today’s blog we discuss the health benefits of juicing to ensure that we consume our recommended daily amount of both fruits and vegetables. For optimum health I recommend adding an array of different coloured fruits and vegetables to your diet. To find out why click here.

Benefits of juicing

Perhaps the biggest benefits of juicing are that if you don’t have the time or interest in consuming raw fruits and vegetables, you can prepare a quick juice and consume a massive amount of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, most of us don’t eat the right amount of greens on a daily basis or lose our appetite at the sound of green salad every single day, therefore consuming a glass of green juice would allow you to have half a bag of spinach without having to spend the time on endless chewing.

Why juice fruits and vegetables?

Many people can eat a whole fruit or vegetable, but they prefer to have their juice. The reason is simple: 95 percent of the enzymes and antioxidants required by the body are in the juice of raw vegetables and fruits – the rest is all fibre.
To understand this further, let’s talk about apples – because we all love them right? But did you know that having just one apple a day won’t keep the doctor away? You need the nutrients of 10 to 12 per day to meet your body’s daily requirements. Similarly, just a handful of carrot sticks won’t do either – your body needs the nutrients from 2 lbs of carrots and as for spinach, you need a whopping 8 lbs daily! Talk about a lot of chopping and chewing.
The solution: juice it all. The juice of fruits and vegetables are so concentrated in vitamins and minerals, that the body easily absorbs them into its bloodstream as compared to having raw fruits and vegetables. Note that you need to consume whole raw specimens as well because of their rich fibre content, therefore your best bet would be to have a diet with whole foods and juices. The remaining fibre from the juices can be used to add oomph to your muffin batter – it’s a win-win!

What is the best time to juice?

There is no specific time for a juice but many people say that it is best consumed in an empty stomach because the nutrients are absorbed better in the body. While this claim still requires more research, many people like to have their juice first thing in the morning to give them a quick boost.

Bottled or freshly made?

I’d choose fresh over bottled in a heartbeat. The reason is obvious, fresh juice is more… alive. It has all the nutrients needed by the body but bottled juice doesn’t. With time, the nutrient potency of juices get depleted so it’s best to have them fresh and homemade. Moreover, bottled juices contain preservatives are often pasteurised (heated and processed), which means most of the vitamins are destroyed in the juice.

How do I make a green juice taste good?

Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean you need to gulp it down without enjoying it. You can easily enhance or effectively eliminate the characteristic flavour of many greens, particularly spinach and kale by adding other flavours, such as from apples, pears, berries or even lemons. Be creative and find a mix that suits you best.

Some of my favourite green juice combinations include:
• Spinach/kale, grapefruit and lime
• Spinach/kale, ginger and apple/pear
• spinach/kale, cucumber and kiwi or lime
• Spinach/kale with berries
You can also have the juice of beetroot, berries, citrus fruits, celery and anything that is in season. Ingredients like ginger root or cinnamon can be used for added flavour and antioxidants. It is fun to experiment with different concoctions!!!

We have a selection of mouth watering juices as part of our bootcamp holidays meal plan. The Spa resort where we hold our boot camp has an organic farm which produces many of the vegetables and fruits that they juice for our guests. We are blessed to live in the perfect environment for delicious fruits and vegetables to grow.

Louise co founder of the fresh start fitness holiday boot camp in Thailand

Louise from Fresh Start in Chiang Mai.

To your very good health and vitality from Louise at the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Bootcamp in Thailand.

Fresh Start is a leading boot camp holiday based at the luxury Spa Health Resort in Chiang Mai Thailand.

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