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Benefits Of Broccoli – King Of Vegetables

benefits of broccoli – king of vegetables

broccoli 1Nowadays, we all know that we should be eating healthily and exercising regularly. Promises of more energy, a positive outlook and a beautiful body are all very tempting and there are few people who don’t want these things. However, the reality of putting it into action is the problem. Aside from those people who love vegetables and automatically know how to create delicious vegetable recipes, most of us feel a little lost. Where to start? How to cook it? What is the best vegetable to eat? The questions are endless but the answer is simple. Eat the Rainbow; choose as many different vegetables as possible and you won’t be missing out on key nutrients, so take a look at the benefits of broccoli below.

One vegetable that is warmly referred to as ‘The King of Foods’ is broccoli. It is subtly delicious, making it perfect to blend with other ingredients and has numerous benefits. But, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about nutrients. Broccoli is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, calcium, and fibre. So what does that mean for us?

In terms of fibre, broccoli is extremely beneficial. It offers both soluble and insoluble fibre dependant on yourbroccoli 2 needs. Soluble fibre attracts water, slowing down digestion and making you feel fuller for longer. It is also known to help reduce cholesterol. Insoluble fibre moves through the digestive system quickly, helping constipation. Together this means that broccoli is going to keep your stomach happy and healthy.

In terms of Vitamin A and C these are antioxidants that can protect you from a variety of problems. They have even been known to reduce the risk of cataracts, so these are important vitamins, not to be missed out. The levels of calcium make broccoli a great replacement for those who can’t have dairy. Aside from strengthening the bones calcium helps high blood pressure and even some cancers.

broccoli 3A little known fact is that broccoli is ideal for weight loss. The high levels of fibre keep you full for longer and your digestive system running smoothly. Combine it with plenty of water and you’ll avoid that bloated stomach from water retention. All those helpful nutrients ensure that even if you are eating less, you are still eating the right things. The trick, however, is finding delicious recipes that will leave you wanting more broccoli. Always avoid dull recipes that might put you off the vegetable for life.

Those who adore the taste of broccoli on its own are very lucky. Some even choose to nibble on it raw. For anyone else, here are a few ideas. Naturally, a cheese sauce or portion of macaroni cheese goes perfectly with broccoli, but make the sauce yourself. This will help to avoid those nasty additives and help you limit the fatty ingredients added. You could also try and make a broccoli and blue cheese soup. It is also delicious added to a beef stir-fry or chicken salad. Play around with different recipes until you find something you love.

Louise and Richard Thomas founders of the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp at the Spa Resort Chiang MaiHere at Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp we have an organic vegetable farm and of course organic broccoli that we put in our meals for you to enjoy while you are with us. You can of course start next time you  go shopping by adding some of the green stuff to your shopping basket. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us,  and if you come to see us here you never know we might make you become a broccoli lover!!

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