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Things to do in Chiang Mai – fitness boot camp days!

Fresh Start is a residential fitness boot camp holiday. However, if you can’t attend one of our retreats but are looking for active things to do in Chiang Mai then check out our single activity days, individual classes and personal training. All available for travellers wondering what to do in Chiang Mai. If you would like information about our fitness and weight loss boot camp holidays please get in touch on our contact page.

things to do in Chiang Mai activity days

Get a Fresh Start in Thailand

Activity days are a great way to stay fit while you are on holiday and also provide an opportunity to see the cultural delights of Chiang Mai.

Activity days are 5,000 baht and include lunch and snacks. Transport to the resort can be arranged at an extra cost. The day starts at 7am and finishes at 5pm. We depart from the Resort in Mae Rim and re-turn to the resort at the end of the day.

Individual classes are 1000 baht. Please get in touch to check out our current schedule.

Personal training is a great way to really get the push and motivation you need to push harder and get maximum results from your workout. Our World class trainers are with you to inspire and push you beyond your limits. Personal training costs 1,800 baht an hour and can be arranged at a convenient time to you.


Active things to do in Chiang Mai – Fresh Start one day fitness boot camps


Manic Movement Mondays

We start Mondays with a beautiful 1 hour hike through the Thai countryside. This is followed by a 1 1/2 hour circuit class. After our healthy lunch we do Muay Thai , yoga and a cooling off aqua class.

Tough Tuesdays

We call Tuesdays tough as we start the day with a 14 kilometre hike through the majestic Thai countryside, this normally takes us over 3 hours.  In the afternoon we do the BIG CIRCUIT, we call is big as it lasts for 2 hours. We follow this with a gentle pilates cool down and stretch.

Wednesdays Team Games Special

We begin the day with a hike to our tennis academy for a cardio tennis session, after this we do the Fresh Start team games special. This is followed by a healthy lunch and a coconut water. After lunch we do a HITT session, some Frisbee , a walk home followed by a yoga stretch session.

Thursdays Explore and Exercise Day

At 8am in the morning we take a mini bus ride to the Huay Keau Lake where we walk around the lake and have mini pit stops for exercise blasts. We then go to Doi Suthep where we climb the 360 steps to the temple to take in the amazing views of Chiang Mai City. We spend the afternoon with the authentic Muay Thai fighters who teach you to punch and kick your way to fitness. We then have a well deserved swim and shower at the Shangrila hotel, followed by an evening meal and time to shop and sneak in a massage.

Super Strong Saturdays

Saturdays start with a 3 kilometre hike before we do the bleep and cross fit fitness tests. After this we do pool games and orienteering. All before lunch! After lunch we do Muay Thai, kettles and a nice stretch session to wind down.

Sunday’s Cycle Day Adventure

At 7am we take a one hour hike through the beautiful Thai countryside. Then enjoy a healthy breakfast at the World famous Radiance Restaurant. We then cycle to the X- Centre where we have a mouth watering juice. This is followed by a hike up the 10 tier waterfall, a lunch stop at the sala cafe, a visit to Poo Poo paper and then a leisurely trip home.

Individual Classes

While you are looking for things to do in Chiang Mai why not consider attending one of our unique fitness classes. We have lots of classes to choose from Mauy Thai with our authentic Mauy Thai trainers and fighters, local yoga and pilates teachers or circuits, aqua cardio tennis or team game sessions are all available.

Personal Training

Our team of trainers also offer single personal training sessions in Muay Thai, circuit training, swimming, hiking and cross fit.

Our Muay Thai sessions are a particular favourite as we have authentic Muay Thai trainers and fighters. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand

If you are stuck with things to do in Chiang Mai please get in touch as we would love to offer you our fitness boot camp days!


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The Address for the resort where we hold our residential fitness boot camps, bootcamp days, classes and personal training is 167/3 Moo 4, T.Huay Sai, Mae Rim, 50180, Chiang Mai Thailand.



One of the best things I have done to support my weight loss journey thus far. I received so much support and encouragement I can't wait to come back again. This has shown me how fit I am and what my potential has been.
- Deb Fryers from Australia July 2011