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A Weight Loss Bootcamp That Works

A weight loss bootcamp that works

Here at Thailand Fitness Bootcamp we do things a little differently. You don’t need to be super fit or even in shape to join our weight loss bootcamp – it’s all about making a fresh start in a supportive and friendly environment whatever your fitness level. Here’s what makes our weight loss bootcamp a cut above the rest.

Our location is idyllic

If you’ve never been to Northern Thailand and you like the great outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. Our weight loss bootcamp is nestled in the magnificent forested hills outside Thailand’s Northern capital, Chiang Mai. This land of sparkling rice paddies, meandering rivers and rolling green hills dotted with traditional Thai villages lends itself perfectly to outdoor adventures. During your stay, you’ll experience it all through running, cycling and group activities.

Fresh air for everyone

weight loss bootcamp us in the ALT tag of one photoIt’s no secret that many Thai cities are heavily polluted, but out in the picturesque hills of Northern Thailand, there’s plenty of fresh air. It makes a huge difference to the results of your training programme.

There are few temptations

We don’t believe in starving our bootcamp guests. In fact, when you’re burning so many calories, you need big, nutritious meals to help lose weight and build muscle. Our onsite organic farm provides many of the ingredients needed for our rich meal plans. You’ll never be hungry and with no shops nearby, you’ll never be tempted to indulge in unhealthy snacking.

There are no distractions

Our bootcamp is all about results and we work tirelessly with our guests to ensure that they leave having lost weight and are on the path to reaching their fitness goals. Our location in the Chiang Mai countryside means there is no bars, restaurants or nightlife nearby to distract you from your fitness plan. Don’t worry, they’ll all be there when you return to Chiang Mai city.

A weight loss bootcamp for adults

weight loss bootcamp us in the ALT tag of one photoOur fitness resort is designed for adults and around our guests’ comfort. While most weight loss bootcamps are uncomfortable, our luxurious guest rooms are the perfect place to unwind and get a good night’s sleep after a long day of exercise. You’ll find an onsite swimming pool where you can cool off and top up your exercise schedule and a spa where you can get those weary muscles massaged.

All the support you need at

You won’t be going alone. With a small group of dedicated bootcamp guests to help you through along with dedicated expert trainers and 24-hour support, you’ll have everything you need to hit your fitness goals effectively.

Don’t just take our word for it though

weight loss bootcamp us in the ALT tag of one photo

Lisa’s after weight loss boot camp photos

weight loss bootcamp us in the ALT tag of one photo

Lisa’s before weight loss boot camp photos

“This weight loss Bootcamp works! 10.7 kg down in 4 weeks and lots of centimetres. Jez is awesome; he knows so much and can scale up and down as needed. He pushes without being mean and is very encouraging. Anton’s knowledge of technical and scientific stuff is awesome and his ability to vary the walks and rides was great, especially for those here multiple weeks. Methee is amazing, always smiling, always joking and always seems to go at your pace and never seems like he’s slowing down for you. All the specialist teachers are fantastic and really break up the week, it would be good to have some more. Weena is the best, always answering question and telling us how well we are doing. I love Weena.”

Weight loss 10.7 kilo, Waist width 9 cm in 4 weeks.

Lisa Proctor, 20 July – 17 August 2018, United Kingdom.

Ready for a fresh start? Our training centre is in the beautiful landscape outside Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Our weight loss bootcamp brings together folks from around the world who come to make new friends, kick start their fitness regime, lose weight and work out their nutrition plans. It’s not all work though. While you’re here, you’ll visit some of Northern Thailand’s most spectacular monuments and learn about Northern Thai culture. All the transport, food, accommodation, coaching and visits to the local attractions are included, plus there’s often last-minute deals if you get in touch.

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